Mike Counsil Plumbing was my knight in shining armor yesterday. We have had continued issues with our hot water heater that is only 3 years old. We have had a number of different plumbing companies come out and supposedly fix the issue, only for the problem to return in a few short months. Fast forward to yesterday when 1. My husband is out of town 2. It’s extremely cold outside and 3. I have 2 small children that look like they found every bit of dirt and food they could find and smeared it all over themselves. They needed baths and I needed hot water. I called Mike Counsil Plumbing and from the moment one of the ladies on the phone asked me “How can I make you smile today” I knew I was in good hands. Maybe she could sense the panic in my voice, but she kept me on the phone, confirmed that they could service the type of water heater I had and the problem it was experiencing. She then scheduled to have someone come out that day! To top it off, she texted me a photo of who was coming and the exact time he would be there. How comforting is that?!?

Fast forward again to 3 hours later and Josiah shows up at my door. First off…nicest guy ever. Says hello to my kids and dog. He puts shoe covers on, follows me to the mechanical room, assesses the issue, calls the maker of the hot water heater to explain the issue, figure out how to fix it and get this…. figures out how to make it not happen again!!!!! Josiah was there for about 3 hours. He got it working again and even stayed to make sure it fully heated and maintained heat once it got to temperature. At the end he handed me a certificate guaranteeing their work and even left his cell number is there are any additional issues.

5 stars for the front office staff and Josiah. We will be using Mike Counsil plumbing moving forward for all our plumbing needs.

** BONUS: They have an awesome home program where you pay $7.99 a month and they give you a discount on any future plumbing work and it includes a yearly trip out to your house to check all your plumbing fixtures, drains, flush your water heater, etc…regardless of the size house you have. Every year we have something come up and we need to call a plumber. Let’s just say I couldn’t sign up fast enough.