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Drain Cleaning

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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning is a very important part of maintaining the value of your home. Drains that are clogged regularly usually have something in the line that needs to be repaired. Drain Cleaning these lines will often times help, but sometime you need to Hydro-Jet lines to clean the line. In more serious cases, a physical repair may be needed.

We can keep your water flowing.

Many customers don't realize that they can save themselves a lot of time, effort, inconvenience, and money, by doing regular preventative maintenance by drain cleaning their sewer lines. Why wait for a problem to occur, when you can do something now to keep your sewer line in the best condition possible and catch issues before they become problems. Ask about our Home Protection Plans, that gives you discounts on regular maintenance and drain cleaning and all of your plumbing needs.

Bathroom Drains

Clearing drains in your bathroom.

Often times your bathroom is an area in your home that has frequent clogged drains. Hair and soap scum can clog your tub or bathroom sink. The drain can be cabled through the waste and overflow and we can do some drain cleaning in this area where hair and soap scum can accumulate. Removing the accumulated hair usually can clear the tub drain.

Cabling Your Drains

Professional cabling machines.

You could have a clogged drain line that is close to the drain or you could have a clogged drain that goes 20, 30 or 40 feet into your sewer line. We can help you no matter what your plumbing needs are. Our experienced technicians will give you the advice you can rely on, and we can drain clean any of your lines for you. We will keep your water flowing.

Video Inspection

If There Is An Issue With Your Line, We Will Find It.

Video Inspection of your sewer lines can keep you informed about the condition of your sewer lines. If you are experiencing clogged lines and drain cleaning more than a couple of times a month, something is wrong. A video inspection can identify the issue and it can be addressed and repaired.


If you have grease in your line you need Hydro-Jetting.

Many times a kitchen line that has been drain cleaned will clear, but then clog either immediately or a day later. This is usually due to grease in the line. The drain cleaning will temporarily clear the line by poking a hole through the grease. To completely remove the grease you need to Hydro-Jet the line. Our technicians can do this for you.


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Best of the Bay 2009

Mike Counsil Plumbing featured on bay area newscast series "Best of the Bay".

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