Hello there! I am a happy and proud employee of Mike Counsil. I am a dedicated, hard-working, customer service oriented and reliable individual always willing to listen and learn with a positive attitude. My typical day at work is going to a client’s home and resolve their plumbing issues as a part of a team; I’m a puzzle finisher and that’s how I see a plumbing system as a puzzle that needs to be solved or rebuilt completely. Compliments I hear the most about our work is the satisfaction of clients from our generous term of warranties. When I’m not at work I spent my time with my family; my wife and three children. My older brother and my younger brother are both auto mechanics, so we really like working with our hands. Since I’ve been exposed to automotive repair as a child I like to maintain all the work on my cars for fun. Lastly, I really enjoy watching shows on the Discovery channel and read from time to time.