As a young kid, Sean had the opportunity to work with his father Mike Counsil on many construction sites during the summer months. These hard work values early on would prove to be beneficial in shaping his future. After High School, Sean was destined to create his own career outside the family plumbing business and attended College for a couple of years. By the end of the year in 2000, the opportunities in the family business became favorable. Sean was a Service Technician for Mike Counsil Plumbing from 2001-2011. Through this decade of service, he built long-lasting and meaningful relationships with hundreds of clients. He took great pride in being neat, thorough, and personable while working in people’s homes. As a result, he had a long list of customers calling in asking for him. Delivering the ultimate plumbing experience to MCP’s clients advanced him to his current role as Operations Manager. As Operations Manager Sean enjoys training all field members. His number one priority is training his service technicians daily on attitude, people/human relations skills, and effective communication. The company believes plumbers trained and taught in these key areas will result in continued personable relationships with their clients for years to come. Oddly enough, Sean doesn’t really view himself as a manager per say. He prefers titles such as teacher, trainer, or coach. We say call him what you may. As long as you keep calling Us!