Thomas N

A typical day at MCP for me consists of attending a training class at the start of every morning to gain more knowledge on installments and code regulations. However, once I’m out on the field there is no such thing as having a typical day. Although all tasks may be similar, most homes are different and require to troubleshoot the same task differently. My specialties are how well I complete installments in a professional manner, perform tasks at a proficient level all while building customer rapport. Skills that other people may not know about me are that I’m craftsman worker. For example, I’m very knowledgeable on remodeling interior homes with a great focus on detail and performance. I strive to deliver the best customer satisfaction for all clients. Lastly, I most enjoy playing a nice competition of golf and staying active. I’m very approachable and easy going. Many people describe me as being hungry, focused and humbled. The happiest times is spent with family and enjoying the great outdoors.