Gary G
San Jose, Ca
17 Year Old 50 Gallon Water Heater
February 7, 2022

Our 17 year old, 50 gallon water heater in the attic started leaking and obviously needed to be replaced. I used the Yelp feature to obtain multiple quotes and after researching the various plumbing companies, I focused on Mike Counsil and one other. The final decision came down to some very important factors where Mike Counsil Plumbing excelled: how well I was treated over the phone during various call, how well James Riggins handled the estimating process, and the final agreed upon price for doing the work. The people answering my calls were always very polite and asked something to the effect of “How can we make you smile today?” Impressive. They were very pleasant and courteous. I am very glad to have chosen Mike Counsil Plumbing due to the exceptional work that was done by James, Luis, Sam, and on a separate day to finish things up, Sergio. James and all of his crew presented themselves in a very professional and personable way. All were dressed in clean uniforms, wore masks and were also exceptionally polite. James made it a point to introduce all of his crew to us. Plus, even though they all wore green slip-on booties upon entering the house, they made sure that the carpeted stairs and hallway were properly protected. Well done! Considering the job that they had to do of lowering the old water heater through the opening in the ceiling, taking it down a flight of stairs, and then bringing the new one up and placing it into the attic, they worked in a very organized, safe manner maintaining a pleasant disposition throughout the whole process. Thank you, James and crew for your excellent work and customer service.