Glen M
San Jose, Ca
20 Gal A Day Water Leak
December 28, 2022

Mike Counsil Plumbing did a great job to help identify the source of a 20 gallons per day (3,360 gallons per week) water leak at our house and then replaced the leaking connection with a water shut-off value. We were notified by Beacon (the firm that regularly checks our house water meter via EyeOnWater) that a water leak had been detected at our house. We ruled out a toilet leak, a leak in our irrigation system, or a leak in any of our other appliances. Mike Counsil Plumbing responded to our call by sending out Gert Visser and he systematically walked our property and crawled under the small space under our house to rule out common house water leak sources. After a small puddle of water was found behind our garage, Gert was able to carefully dig into the ground and found the leak in a connection between copper and PVC pipes that deliver water to another section of our property. Despite being a week before Christmas, Gert was able to organize his colleague Samuel Andrade to come out within a few hours of the leak source being identified to replace the bad connection with a water shut-off value. Throughout this process, Gert and Samuel kept us informed of their progress, were very professional, and implemented a high-quality solution. Great job guys, thank you. Mike Counsil Plumbing comes through for us again.