Micki G
San jose, Ca
Cleaning Out My Lateral Sewer Line
October 21, 2020

I initially called Mike Counsil Plumbing after reading various reviews on Yelp. Then I remembered my neighbor using them so thought I’d give them a try for cleaning out my lateral sewer line. I’m so glad I did! These guys are incredible!! It took Jaime and Francisco the better part of a day to clear the line. And then Jaime did something that NO plumbers we’ve used ever did. He checked under the house to see if there might be any other issues affecting drainage. Lo and behold! It seemed like the almost 60 year old cast iron pipes were not positioned properly. My neighbor, who’s a contractor himself, was concerned that, being a recent widow, was being taken advantage of. So he came over and looked at the pictures Jaime had taken under the house from several vantage points and was completely in agreement with the diagnosis Jaime had made. So I called the next day to schedule the job. After the better part of three days, the job is complete and inspection passed. Given the amount of work that needed to be done, the total price was reasonable. My hats off to Jaime and Francisco for an outstanding job. And to Pedro who was also here for most of one day. I would definitely recommend using Mike Counsil Plumbing. They will be my go-to in the future should I need anything. Thank you so very much!!