Yipeng L
San Jose, Ca
Great People
August 19, 2021

We have used Mike Counsil’s plumbing services several times and have always had a great experience. The only reason I’m writing this review now is to give credit where it’s due. Anthony was very candid and upfront about the work that needed to be done, the cost of parts and labor, and the fact that I could do it myself on the cheap. Instead of writing up a quote after diagnosing the problem, he provided me with one-on-one instruction on how to fix the problem myself. Halfway through his explanation, I realized this was well beyond my capabilities (or at least my capacity to follow instructions) and asked him for that quote instead. Hector got me up and running in less time than it would have taken me to look up the number for Mike Counsil plumbing again. Great people, great service, very satisfied.