Edna P
San Jose, Ca
Job Well Done
July 27, 2022

We recently had some issues with our double kitchen sink. The sink water was not going down & it the garbage disposal was turned on, water would back up in both sides. We tried using the plunger, pouring hot water with the baking soda & vinegar technique. We even took the pipes apart, made sure they were not clogged & cleaned them, but to no avail. We finally had to get hold of the “professionals”. Mike Counsil Plumbing called us right away, was willing to send someone for consultation, & they gave us 3 options. They were actually very reasonably priced & for the amount & kind of work they did (which we could not have done ourselves), I have to say, “job well done”!! We are very happy, Bobby & Jacob, were both very friendly, professional & helpful. Jacob ended up staying longer & he was patient in explaining things & answering our questions. Would highly recommend their company if you had plumbing issues!!