Michael Y
San Jose, Ca
Mother’s Water Heater
October 7, 2020

The water heater at my mothers home went out. I originally called another plumbing company but they don’t service my area so they recommended Mike Counsil Plumbing. We were assigned the a team of technicians lead by Richard Rivera. In short, we are totally satisfied with the work that was done by Richard.
My mother says that she fully appreciates Richard because he is professional and very personable. She says that she respects Richard because he respected her as an individual and never tried to sell her anything that she didn’t need which is what a lot of repair technicians have tried to do to her in the recent past. She says he was very knowledgeable and talked at a level that even she could follow. She is very happy to recommend Richard to do any plumbing project to her friends and neighbors.
I found Richard to be very friendly and very comfortable. He presents himself and the work very well and when there an explanation of function or work that needed to be discussed, we would have a very nice conversation. I defiantly recommend Richard to do any plumbing project. I wish I could have him join my business networking group as we are in great need of a plumber to receive all of our referrals from the members of our chapter. If you are looking for an honest, hardworking and trusted plumbing technician to do any plumbing project in your home, call Mike Counsil Plumbing and ask for Richard to be assigned to your case.