Mike Counsil Plumbing & Rooter Yelp Reviews
Sean S.
San Jose, Ca
Quickly and Professionally
February 4, 2020

Repairs needed to be done to an aging and failing drainage system in our home (kitchen, bath, laundry drain, sewage connection to street, etc. Mike Counsil Plumbing (MCP) had performed work for us in the past, and thus was a vendor we knew we could trust. MCP promptly dispatched an estimator to the house and began the process.

Also very quickly, work began and was well under way within the first week. MCP personnel ensured that any floor space they would require for the work was adequately covered using both light foam and thick plastic covering. The sides were taped next to the wall to the floor and secured well. MCP personnel also always wore protective shoe coverings to maintain cleanliness, even as some of the work in the crawl space involved excavation. Upon completion, MCP tidied up just as we expected, leaving no trace of debris or dirt left behind.

I had previously posted about a concern I had with MCP, but their management team reached out to me and made sure that my questions were answered and concerns put to rest.

Overall, while MCP is not your budget plumber, the quality of the work was excellent (I’m no plumber, but everything is working as expected one year later) and any concerns we had were dealt with quickly and professionally.

Moreover, Mike Counsil Plumbing is run by a reasonable and generous family. We recently had a very tragic and sudden death in the family, and Mike Counsil donated a large amount to assist my cousin and her 1 year old baby. Words cannot express our gratitude for your generosity and care.