Tiffany B
San Jose, Ca
Really Big Plumbing Job
October 1, 2020

What started out as a pretty big job became a REALLY big job, but the team at Mike Counsil was polite, respectful, answered any and all questions, was clean, safe (masks, floor covers, shoe covers, etc) and all of this never made me doubt my choice in using them for the work. Bobby Mata was the lead tech that came twice for the discovery and discussion around work, explained plan, process, and pricing – and moved forward once agreed to; he came twice since my job expanded after some findings of previously badly done “fix-it” work; Bobby was professional, explained things, drew out examples to answer questions, etc. My job site was then turned over to be run by JJ Cabrera and his team; one of the main staff here throughout the job was Hector. JJ, Hector, and others were incredibly hard working, friendly, communicative, respectful of my property and cleaned up each day so the job site was left tidy and safe. They were just a pleasure to work with. I ended up having to replace my main lines under the house, through laundry and kitchen, and all the way through my front yard out to where it connects to the city sewer; replaced was the original cast iron from when the house was built, so at least 58+ years old. It was corroded, crumbling apart in some places, had lots of roots making their way in, etc. Additionally, as mentioned, some interesting previous “fixes” were found that this crew now had to tackle – 15′ length of a 3″ pipe slid into the 4″ pipe to bypass the crumbling that started out under my house where it was accessible and then went to the 5-7″ deep under my porch area, this was obviously a band-aid done by a previous owner that didn’t want the huge cost and effort it needed. A pipe that was part of a decorative water feature that had been covered over – this was just a hole cut into the main, the drain pipe held over that hole and cement poured around to “connect” them – obviously this led to an eventually cracked main. Overall, it was A LOT of work that they did well, professionally, and fully permitted and inspected – the guys were present for the inspector visits. Though it was a costly project, they offer a 40 year warranty, and since it was to replace something already more than 50 years old, I think I won’t have to worry about it again! Thank you Mike Counsil Plumbing!