Mike Counsil Plumbing & Rooter Yelp Reviews
Rocky S
San Jose, Ca
Rescued Me Again
January 5, 2022

Mike Counsil rescued me again during a tumultuous holiday season! The delivery of my washer failed twice because the delivery persons insisted something was wrong with the water lines. Daniel came out on New Year’s Eve, yes the holiday, charging a minimal extra charge. He took at look and identified the broken knob problem and went looking. Store closings required him to delay his search after not finding it. He texted me to explain the delay and items I was confused about. Bright and early before I expected them James showed up sent by Daniel, multiple knobs in hand along with a calming and generous demeanor. Fixed everything and we were all set. But…it happened again. The delivery person said they couldn’t hook my washer because they couldn’t turn the water off and I needed to call a plumber. You can imagine my dismay. I called Celeste today and she reached James who altered his schedule to come over and help us. There was nothing wrong with our line. But James who had warned me about delivery guys looking for reasons to move on and not deliver, took minutes and set everything up so there will be no problem because the delivery people have everything setup for them. This is why I have used Mike Counsil for decades. They charge you for the job but don’t stop working until it is finished, even on occasions like this when it was not their fault. Thanks Daniel and James you made my holiday better.