Albert L
Livermore, Ca
Sink Installation
December 2, 2021

Had a cracked undermount bathroom sink that needed replacement, which isn’t really something either contractors or plumbers typically deal with. Luckily (and surprisingly) Mike Counsil Plumbing listed this service on their website, and they confirmed this over the phone. Called on a Mon. morning…very polite and helpful, scheduled earliest available appt. Wed. morning. Arrived within stated appt. window, and provided work estimate; separate pro came shortly thereafter to start actual work. Proved to be a difficult job to carefully remove old sink without damaging granite or wood countertops, but the pro did a great job. Although we furnished the replacement sink, the pro had to take a trip to the local hardware store to get additional undersink mounts – something we didn’t anticipate. Once installed, it became clear that the new sink basin drain was closer to the back wall; so, to salvage the existing pipe, he took an additional trip to the hardware store to get an uncommon short pipe adapter, which he didn’t stock on his van. Still ended up having to cut the pipe stub down to fit the drain and P-trap, but we appreciated the willingness to solve the problem – solve all of the problems that popped up, as everyones setup is slightly different. So, the pro ended taking several hours to get it all done, and the labor charge as you might imagine was costly…but fair. But the end result was a new, leak-free bathroom sink, as if nothing had ever happened. And, as a busy person who values their time, it was well worth it. I never noticed their green vans around town before, but I do now – Mike Counsil Plumbing services are clearly in demand, and it’s obvious why.