Sue W
San Jose, Ca.
Without Pressure or Heavy Handed Salesmanship
May 4, 2022

We used Mike Counsil Plumbing at our residence for several plumbing issues. Alex and Hector were very professional, knowledgeable, personable and helpful. They performed a thorough assessment of the issues we had and explained very clearly what our problems were and what our options were to resolve them. They provided us with a quote for the work that needed to be done and walked us through very simply and clearly what was wrong (including pictures they took from the crawlspace), what was causing the issues and exactly what they would be doing to fix them. They were very patient with us and answered all our questions without any pressure or heavy-handed salesmanship. One of this issues was more involved then originally anticipated. Alex and Hector kept working to try and resolve it. They realized they needed some other equipment and additional expertise from another crew who they dispatched to our home quickly. James and Ben picked-up the work seamlessly and worked diligently to complete the work – at no additional charge and no significant delay. The Mike Counsil crews also provided us with recommendations for additional work to help avoid further issues in the future. They did not pressure us with respect to the recommendations for additional work. They simply pointed out the potential problems that could occur and suggested we take care of the other issues to avoid further damage or expense later. They educated us so that we are now more knowledgeable about plumbing and about our needs. They provided us with a quote for the additional work and we have continued to discuss it with them in a very comfortable, low-key, productive and professional manner – which is a refreshing change from other services providers we have worked with in the past. We were very pleased and impressed with service, the results and the professionalism, competency and work ethic of the Mike Counsil crews. They were honest, forthright and dependable. We will definitely have Mike Counsil Plumbing at the top of our list to call with any future plumbing issues and will definitely recommend them to family, friends and co-workers. They were just simply great to work with. They made what could have been a very stressful and unpleasant situation a manageable one for us to deal with in a very short period of time. We feel like we have a real partner now with respect to the plumbing needs for our home.