Mike Counsil, president of Mike Counsil Plumbing, brings an extensive level of service experience to his job. He has a background in residential and commercial construction in the Santa Clara Valley, and he made the leap to plumbing in the 1990s. Despite difficult times, Mike has worked to build the company up into one of the most trusted plumbing services in the community with the help and support of his loving wife Brenda. In recent years, he has focused on rethinking and improving the way the business operates internally, working to keep Mike Counsil Plumbing running smoothly from day to day while experimenting with new concepts to keep customers satisfied with the service we provide.

After many years of faithfully serving the community of San Jose, CA, Mike Counsil Plumbing remains as dedicated as ever to offering our customers the best plumbing services possible. From hydro jetting ,video inspection, and trenchless sewer lines and water lines, we use the latest and best plumbing technology and the most qualified professional technicians to improve the customer experience and provide faster service. If you’d like to learn more, call 408-618-8002.