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Man putting water in kettle for tea

6 Hints That You Need Water Heater Repair

Your water heater is a hardworking yet underappreciated appliance, quietly working behind the scenes to ensure hot water for your showering, dishwashing, and laundry needs. If you’re not eager to have the water turn icy cold mid-shower, learn how to identify the early signs of water heater issues and save yourself from such unpleasant surprises. […]

Clogged kitchen sink

5 Tips for Clearing a Clogged Drain

It’s easy to forget how useful indoor plumbing is until a clogged sink or toilet disrupts your daily routine. If your pipes have stopped flowing freely, follow these five tips to clear the clog before calling a plumber. First, Assess Your Plumbing Fixtures A single clogged toilet or drain is a common result of accumulated […]

Water shutoff valve

How to Shut Off Your Toilet’s Water Supply

Discovering the toilet overflowing in your bathroom is enough to make anyone panic. You need to act fast to prevent widespread property damage, so let’s get right to it—here’s how to shut off your toilet’s water supply. Stop Flushing! When your toilet clogs, you might think repeated flushing will encourage the problem to resolve itself. […]

Corroded plumbing pipes

Pipe Corrosion: Causes and Solutions

Corroded pipes are an unseen challenge lurking in many homes and buildings. Corrosion is a hidden menace that can lead to significant plumbing issues if not addressed promptly. Use this guide to help you understand the signs of corroded pipes, what causes corrosion, and what you can do about it, including seeking help from a […]

Woman flushing toilet

What to Do When Your Toilet Gurgles

Does your toilet gurgle at random intervals for no apparent reason? Are you worried about using your toilet while it’s making these noises? You’re right to be concerned—a gurgling, bubbling toilet is not normal. But what exactly is behind this strange phenomenon, and what can you do about it? Understanding the Gurgling Sound Toilet gurgling […]

Clearing drain with plumber snake

How to Prevent and Fix Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a nuisance that every homeowner is likely to face. Whether it’s a minor kitchen sink clog or a major sewer line obstruction, having a stopped-up drain can lead to unnecessary stress and expense. Fortunately, with some know-how, a few preventative measures, and the proper clogged drain repair methods, you can avoid this […]

Reviewing home remodel plans

Why Plumbing Should be Your Top Priority During a Home Remodel

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you may have aesthetic changes in mind, but there’s much more going on beneath the surface. Making plumbing a top priority during the planning phase isn’t just practical—it’s essential. A qualified plumbing company can ensure your new space looks great and functions flawlessly. The Hidden Importance […]

Water leak through hose pipe

8 Summer Plumbing Problems & How to Avoid Them

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that plumbing issues are limited to the colder months. But as the temperature rises outside, so does the likelihood of certain unexpected plumbing problems. Here’s a look at eight of the most common plumbing problems you may encounter this summer and tips to avoid each one. Overloaded washing machines: With family […]

Young male plumber in San Jose, CA

What is the Difference between a Plumber and a Plumbing Contractor?

Plumbing issues are frustrating, and knowing who to call for help can be equally puzzling. Do you need a plumber or a plumbing contractor? These terms are often used interchangeably, but they refer to two different types of professionals in the plumbing industry. Understanding their roles, responsibilities, and the requirements to become one can help […]

Water leak repair

What to Do When You Have a Water Leak

What to Do When You Have a Water Leak Did you just spot a water leak? Don’t panic! Knowing how to respond can significantly reduce property damage and restore your peace of mind. Consider some effective strategies for handling different types of water leaks. How to Handle Non-Damaging Leaks Water leaks confined to the sink, […]

Water leaking from ceiling

How to Prevent Leaky Pipes

How to Prevent Leaky Pipes As a homeowner, nothing is more frustrating than finding a water leak. It might start as a tiny drip, but it doesn’t take long to escalate into structural damage, costly repairs, and a skyrocketing utility bill. If you hope to avoid such scenarios, learn the most common causes of water […]

Water damage in ceiling

7 Signs You Need a Pipe Repair Service

7 Signs You Need a Pipe Repair Service A healthy plumbing system is like a well-oiled machine—silent, efficient, and largely unnoticed. But when something goes wrong, it can severely disrupt your daily routine. Recognizing the early signs that you need a pipe repair service can save you time, money, and potential property damage. So, how […]

Water dripping from leaky faucet

How to Fix 3 Common Plumbing Leaks

How to Fix 3 Common Plumbing Leaks Dealing with plumbing leaks is an inevitable part of homeownership. While some leaks may require a professional’s expertise, you can tackle many common issues as a DIY project. Here’s a step-by-step guide for performing three common plumbing leak repairs: leaky faucets, leaky toilets, and leaky showerheads. Fixing a […]

Reviewing Water Heater Settings

8 Reasons to Schedule Water Heater Maintenance

8 Reasons to Schedule Water Heater Maintenance Everyone loves a steamy hot shower, but this rejuvenating experience can quickly turn unpleasant if your water heater suddenly goes cold. Water heater maintenance is essential for preventing this scenario, not to mention enjoying several other benefits. Here are eight compelling reasons to keep your water heater in […]

Copper Pipes in Home

Pipe Repair vs. Whole-Home Repiping: Which Do I Need?

Pipe Repair vs. Whole-Home Repiping: Which Do I Need? Are your home’s pipes not what they used to be? Deciding between pipe repair and whole-home repiping is a common conundrum homeowners face. When presented with this choice, it’s helpful to understand the circumstances pointing to each one so you can select the most suitable solution […]

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The Different Types of Plumbing Services You Should Know

Most people only see the plumber when something terrible is happening that warrants emergency plumbing services. That’s really a shame, if you think about it. While your friendly plumbers are happy to come help you when your water heater floods your house, your toilet overflows, or your sewer system backs up into your bathroom, they […]


Why You Should Never Pour Grease Down the Drain

If there’s one thing every homeowner ought to know, it’s that grease and drains don’t mix. Even pouring a small amount of grease down a drain can result in a plumbing crisis. Grease and other oils contain fats that will harden and block your plumbing pipes. Eventually, you’ll have a backed-up drain on your hands, […]

Water flooding living room floor

Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Any time something breaks around your house, it’s cause for concern. When the plumbing goes awry, though, it can cause even the most seasoned homeowner to panic. Fortunately, most common plumbing emergencies can be handled quickly and effectively by a licensed plumber. Here, we discuss some common plumbing problems and how you can handle them […]

Call Mike Counsil Plumbing and Rooter

When Should You Call a Plumber?

Calling a plumber to your home as soon as you realize that you have a problem can end up sparing you expensive damage in the long run. While there are some basic issues, such as minor toilet clogs, that you may be able to fix yourself, it’s important to be able to tell when a […]

Mike Counsil Plumbing Trucks on Street

How Rain Affects Your Plumbing

    Heavy rainfall can wreak havoc on your plumbing system, causing a variety of issues that can require costly repairs. From overflowing gutters to flooded basements, heavy rain can cause significant damage to your home’s plumbing if not addressed promptly. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the ways heavy rain can affect your […]

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Tips For Every Homeowner

  As a homeowner, your plumbing system is one of the most important aspects of your home. Proper maintenance and care can help prevent costly repairs and ensure that your plumbing system functions efficiently for years to come. In this blog, we’ll share some plumbing tips and tricks for homeowners to help you keep your […]

Water coming out of sink faucet

The Essential Water Heater Maintenance Checklist

How much thought do you give your water heater? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about it very much at all. Many of us just expect it to stay tucked out of sight, providing us with hot water, and we don’t give it a thought until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, this approach […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Hydro Jetting

Do you want to know more about hydro jetting? If you’ve come here today because this sounds like an exciting extreme sport you’d like to try, we’re sorry, hydro jetting isn’t for you. But if you are dealing with slow drains, continually clogging pipes, and sewer backups, you’re probably going to get very excited about […]

Technician performing sewer video camera assessment

Clogged Drains and Maintenance

Clogged drains are a common household problem that can be frustrating to deal with. Whether it’s a slow drain or a complete blockage, a clogged drain can cause water to back up into sinks, tubs, and toilets, making it difficult to use these fixtures. Fortunately, there are several effective methods for unclogging drains that can […]

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5 Ways to Cut Heating & Plumbing Costs This Winter

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re always on the lookout for ways to cut costs on utilities and other expenses you can’t avoid. Fortunately, while winter always brings with it certain heating costs, there are ways to reduce these expenses by just being a little bit proactive. Here, we offer some simple ways you can […]

Video Inspection Tool

Plumbing Technology and Innovations

  Plumbing technology and innovations have come a long way in recent years, revolutionizing the way we think about and interact with our plumbing systems. From high-tech water-saving devices to smart home integration, plumbing technology is making our lives easier, more efficient, and more sustainable than ever before. In this blog, we’ll explore some of […]

The Gas Lines Installation & Emergency Shut Off

What You Should Know About Gas Lines

  Gas lines are an important part of many homes, providing fuel for appliances like stoves, furnaces, and water heaters. While natural gas is a safe and convenient source of energy, it’s essential to understand how gas lines work and how to maintain them to ensure the safety of your home and family. In this […]

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Plumbing Devices for Backflow Prevention

In the modern world, we take for granted that when we turn on the tap, we’ll be rewarded with clean, safe water. One way to ensure that our water never becomes polluted is to protect our water supply from the backflow of waste water, to ensure that clean and dirty water do not mix within […]

How To Flush A Water Heater

    Flushing a water heater is an essential maintenance task that can extend the lifespan of your unit and improve its efficiency. Over time, sediment and minerals can build up in your water heater tank, leading to reduced performance, increased energy consumption, and even a shorter lifespan. Fortunately, flushing your water heater is a […]

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Tips to Avoid Winter Plumbing Problems

Cold temperatures, family gatherings, and greasy holiday food can spell trouble for your plumbing system this winter. Fortunately, with a little foresight, you can avoid winter plumbing problems and keep your pipes flowing smoothly. Here are the top tips for San Jose homeowners. Avoid Frozen Pipes Frozen pipes can occur anytime the temperature falls below […]

Winter with Dad

Preparing Your Plumbing System for Winter

The average wintertime low in San Jose may be in the mid-40s, but that doesn’t mean it can’t dip below freezing sometimes. Make sure your plumbing is ready for colder temperatures with these tips to prepare your plumbing for winter. Insulate exposed pipes: Contrary to popular belief, mild climates like the South Bay area can […]

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7 Common Plumbing Problems

It’s easy to take your home’s plumbing for granted. But with so many pipes, fittings, fixtures, and appliances in a single system, something is bound to go wrong eventually. Learn what to do about the seven most common plumbing problems. No hot water: Without hot water, you can’t shower, clean the dishes, or wash clothes. […]

Do Water Heaters Need Maintenance?

Your water heater is one of the hardest working appliances in your home, but it can’t do all that work on its own! Water heater repair and maintenance services are crucial for keeping this appliance in the best shape possible so you can get the hot water you want, when you want it. There are […]

Would You Recognize the Signs of a Sewer Line Problem?

Would You Recognize the Signs of a Sewer Line Problem? It’s easy to tell when a sink is backing up or when a toilet is overflowing, but what about your sewer line? This component of your home’s plumbing system is located underground, so it can be hard to know when it is damaged. Understanding some […]

Gary with Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal 101

  You would never dump food scraps into the bathroom sink, but you don’t think twice about rinsing your plate in the kitchen sink. You have your garbage disposal to thank for your confidence. However, even this robust little appliance needs some care and attention if you want it to last. Follow the instructions in […]

Plumbing Repair Service

Guide to Replacing Your Plumbing Fixtures

Your home’s faucets, showerheads, sinks, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures allow you to tap into the water supply for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and showering. Unfortunately, these fixtures eventually deteriorate, causing performance problems, unexpected repairs, and an old, outdated appearance. Use this guide to help you understand when and why you should replace your plumbing fixtures. […]

DIY Tips for Keeping Your Plumbing Healthy

DIY Tips for Keeping Your Plumbing Healthy When your plumbing goes awry, it can cause major problems. Not only can plumbing problems damage your pipes and the structure of your home, but water damage can ruin furniture, electronics, and personal belongings, some of which are irreplaceable. How can you prevent plumbing issues in your home? […]

Beautiful craftsman home exterior

What to Check Before Leaving Your Home for Vacation

What to Check Before Leaving Your Home for Vacation Are you going to be leaving your home for an extended time this summer? Whether you’re taking a long vacation or you have a second residence, there are some things to take care of in your house before you leave. Follow this helpful checklist to make […]

Morning in the Kitchen

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

When you think of your home’s most important plumbing fixtures and appliances, the sump pump might not be top of mind—but maybe it should. After all, this device helps prevent flooding and water damage on the lowest level of your home. Learn how a sump pump works to help you understand why this hardworking equipment […]

Choosing the Right Fixtures for Your Home

Choosing the Right Fixtures for Your Home When you’re choosing fixtures for your home, it might seem like a minor detail. In fact, the fixtures you choose make a big difference in the look of your kitchen or bathroom. How can you choose the right fixtures to fit your home? Just follow a few simple […]

how to naturally clean a smelly drain

How to Clean a Smelly Drain

    Do you notice a strong stench every time you get near your sink? You could have food on your garbage disposal blades that is getting smellier by the day. Fortunately, a quick drain cleaning with things you probably have around the house can help. This video shows how you can clean your garbage […]

Leaky faucet

How to Fix a Leaking Faucet

The steady drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet is more than just a nuisance—it’s also wasteful. A leak of just one drip per second wastes over 3,000 gallons of water per year. Before attempting to fix your leaking faucet, shut off the water by turning the valve mounted to the wall below the sink. […]

How Do Water Softeners Work?

How Do Water Softeners Work?     If you have hard water, then using a water softener will protect your pipes, clothing, dishes, hair, and skin from damage. Hard water not only causes physical damage to your home and body, but it can cause bad odors and stains. Fortunately, you can treat hard water by […]

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Plumbing Maintenance Checklist: What to Do Daily, Weekly & Seasonally

You expect your pipes to deliver fresh, clean water for drinking, cleaning, cooking, and showering. Then, you want smoothly flowing drains to carry wastewater away. To promote these outcomes, you should maintain your home plumbing system daily, weekly, and seasonally. Follow this plumbing maintenance checklist to keep you on track. Daily Plumbing Maintenance Address slow […]

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Top Benefits of Our Home Protection Plan Program

For homeowners, an unexpected plumbing problem can cause a great deal of stress. When problems pop up without warning, the repairs can be extremely expensive and disruptive. With a Home Protection Plan from Mike Counsil Plumbing, you get the benefit of regular maintenance services, which will help extend the life of your appliances, such as […]

Earthquake Shutoff Valve

Why Your Home Needs an Earthquake Shut-Off Valve

Using appliances that are powered by natural gas is a way of life for many families, but the gas that provides so much convenience can become dangerous during disasters like fires and earthquakes. An earthquake shut-off valve is a safety solution your family can’t afford to be without. Watch this video to see how earthquake […]

Plumber talking to clients

Understanding Your Home Plumbing System

It’s easy to take your plumbing system for granted, but understanding how it works can save you time, money, and trouble the next time something goes wrong. The seemingly interwoven network of pipes, fixtures, and drains may seem overwhelming, but a home plumbing system is actually quite straightforward. Every plumbing system consists of two subsystems. […]

Man Pouring Himself Water

6 Causes of Low Water Pressure and How to Fix Them

Does the water trickle weakly from your kitchen faucet? Is the showerhead spray weaker than you would like? These are signs of low water pressure, which may affect your quality of life. When only one faucet has a problem, you can usually fix it by cleaning the aerator or addressing other causes specific to that […]

How to Find Water Shut-Off Valves

  Knowing where your water shut-off valves are located can save you a significant amount of damage if a leak occurs. Your earthquake shut-off valve will automatically kick into action when it senses an earthquake, but here is how you can find your shut-off valves at other times.   Main water shut-off valves are in […]

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4 Things to Know About Gas Lines

Gas lines carry natural gas from a utility supplier to your home. The piping system consists of many branch lines, which run to individual space heating, water heating, and cooking appliances. Whether your home already has gas piping or you’re thinking of having a system installed, here are four things you need to know about […]

What Every New Homeowner Needs to Know about Plumbing

What Every New Homeowner Needs to Know about Plumbing When you rent, an issue with your plumbing means a call to the landlord. However, when you purchase a home, you’re on the front lines of dealing with plumbing problems. You can reduce the risk of costly repairs by learning a few basic things about how […]

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6 Signs of a Gas Leak

When used correctly, natural gas is a safe, efficient, relatively clean power source. However, this fossil fuel is flammable and can cause natural gas poisoning if inhaled. That’s why it’s important to recognize the signs of a gas leak, so you can evacuate your home and call for help before disaster strikes. Here are six […]

gas water heater

6 Ways to Prevent a Water Heater Disaster

You enjoy hot water every day, yet you probably don’t give much thought to your water heater. Don’t wait for a catastrophic failure – protect your home from a costly water heater breakdown with these simple tips. Inspect the tank frequently. It only takes a few moments, but checking up on your water heater every […]

How Do Water Softeners Work?

    If you have hard water, then using a water softener will protect your pipes, clothing, dishes, hair, and skin from damage. Hard water not only causes physical damage to your home and body, but it can cause bad odors and stains. Fortunately, you can treat hard water by using water softeners. Your plumber […]

House Fires

Avoiding the Hidden Dangers of Gas Lines & Preventing Home Fires

You have probably read or watched news stories about gas line fires and explosions that destroy homes and kill innocent people. While these stories are shocking, they are, fortunately, quite rare. Still, gas leaks cause around 4,200 home fires each year in the US, killing about 40 people annually. Learn more about the hidden dangers […]

Video Sewer Camera Assessment

Why Do Plumbers Use Video Inspections?

Why Do Plumbers Use Video Inspections? If your plumber suspects you have a problem with your pipes, he or she may recommend a video inspection. This method of diagnosing your problem could save you a great deal of money and disruption while allowing your plumber to accurately determine the cause of your issue and the […]

Hot Spa

What are the Different Types of Water Heaters?

Are you in the market for a new water heater? Whether your existing unit gave out recently or you’re choosing appliances for a new home, it’s wise to understand all your options so you can make the right selection for your hot water needs and budget. Take a closer look at the different types of […]

How to Prevent Gas Leaks During an Earthquake

During an earthquake, water and gas lines are extremely vulnerable. When damage to gas lines occurs, a leak may happen. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous to both the affected home and the surrounding properties and can lead to explosions and loss of life. Earthquake shut-off valves can prevent these leaks from happening and protect […]

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What Should You Do If You Have a Plumbing Emergency?

Plumbing emergencies come in many forms, from stopped-up sinks and clogged toilets to leaky pipes and backed-up sewer systems. Whether you’re facing a minor inconvenience or major property damage, you must take action to resolve the plumbing problem and get your life back to normal. Here’s what to do if you have a plumbing emergency. […]

How Is Hydro Jetting Different from Cabling?

                Hydro jetting and cabling are both ways of dealing with drain clogs. Your plumber will help you choose which one is right for your needs basedon the nature and severity of your clog. Here is a look at the differences between these two plumbing services.Hydro jetting involves […]

Woman calling plumber

What is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

It’s late on a Friday when you notice a plumbing problem. Does it warrant calling an emergency plumber, or can the issue wait until regular business hours? To help you decide, assess the situation by asking yourself these questions. Is There a Risk of Flooding? Flooding can cause water stains, sagging ceilings, mold growth, and […]

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Snaking vs. Hydro Jetting

There’s more than one way to clear a clogged drain. But which method is better—snaking or hydro jetting? A plumber can help you choose the right approach for your situation. Still, it’s helpful to understand the pros and cons of snaking and hydro jetting before you find yourself needing either one. What is a Drain […]

shut off valve

What is an Earthquake Shut-Off Valve?

When an earthquake happens in your neighborhood, it’s important to keep in mind that not all of the damage to your building will be immediately obvious or even visible. One of the greatest hazards of an earthquake is that it can damage your gas pipes, leading to a dangerous leak. That’s why every California resident […]

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Why You Should Hydro Jet Your Drains

Slow drain? Whether caused by hair, goopy cooking grease, or other debris buildup, minor drain clogs can quickly become major headaches. Chemical cleaners and hand-crank drain snakes can only do so much. When you really want to clean your drains, not just unclog them temporarily, hydro jetting is the best option. What is Hydro Jetting? […]

Emergency Tips That Are Very Useful

Always know where the main water shut-off valve is located in case of a leak. Know how to turn off the water heater. If it’s a gas water heater, turn the switch to the “pilot” position. Isolation valves located at each fixture will stop the flow of water to that location. This allows water to […]

Hardwater Problems & Solutions by Mike Counsil Plumbing

Hard Water Problems and Solutions

When the water that comes out of your taps has a high mineral content, it is known as hard water. While hard water is not actually harmful to your health, it can still cause numerous problems in your household. Here is a guide to some of the most significant issues that hard water can cause—along […]

Water Heater Blanket Installation in San Jose

Going Green? Give Your Water Heater a Blanket

Could your water heater be feeling the chill? If you want to commit to a greener lifestyle, you might be surprised to know just how impactful making sure your water heater is nice and warm can be. In fact, lessening your impact on the environment could be as easy as giving your water heater a […]

Reasons to Install New Water Heater

Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber to Install Your New Water Heater

Why Hire a Professional Plumber for Water Heater Install If you’re not satisfied with the service you’re currently getting from your water heater, it may be time to buy a new one. You may also be concerned that you’re spending too much to heat water for your household every month. Whatever your reasons for wanting […]

Tankless Water Heater by Mike Counsil Plumbing

Should You Switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

Should You Switch to a Tankless Water Heater? If you’re concerned that you may be spending too much on your monthly energy bills, you might want to consider investing in a tankless water heater. While you may have heard of tankless water heaters, you might not be aware of just how much of a difference […]

shut off valve

What is an Earthquake Shut-Off Valve?

When an earthquake happens in your neighborhood, it’s important to keep in mind that not all of the damage to your building will be immediately obvious or even visible. One of the greatest hazards of an earthquake is that it can damage your gas pipes, leading to a dangerous leak. That’s why every California resident […]

Washing Dishes with Kids

7 Critical Spring Plumbing Tips that Will Save You from a Disaster

Spring is a perfect time to refresh your home and yard, and that includes maintaining your plumbing. Winter can be rough on your plumbing, but some spring plumbing maintenance can catch issues before they become costly problems. Here are seven spring plumbing tips to prevent problems later in the year. Check your pipes for winter […]

Team of Plumbers repairing water heater

Spring Plumbing Maintenance

Spring is upon us, and it’s time to think about all those homeowner chores that add up to spring maintenance. When you look at your list, you’ve probably got spring cleaning, lawn maintenance, and maybe even auto maintenance, but have you included spring plumbing maintenance? You should, and we can show you how, in a […]

Flashlight on Water Heater

How to Flush your Water Heater

Of all the chores that homeowners need to do, flushing the water heater is one that many people overlook. Do you know how to drain and flush your water heater? It’s not very hard, but it does need to be done annually to prevent mineral buildup and help your water heater last longer. Note: some […]

Corroded Pipes

When to Consider Replacing the Pipes in your Home

  We all know that nothing lasts forever, but sometimes we forget. When it comes to the pipes in our homes, for example, we tend to expect them to work well indefinitely. Especially if you live in an older home, though, it’s important to watch for signs that it’s time to replace your pipes. If […]

Faucet Leak

How do I Know if my Plumbing is Bad?

Indoor plumbing is one of the most amazing developments of the modern age. Where would we be without a working plumbing system? Unfortunately, sometimes plumbing can develop serious issues. Read on for a dozen tell-tale signs of bad plumbing.   You notice standing water. If you see water puddling anywhere in your home, you’ll need […]

Tips for Preventing Clogs in Your Bathroom Drains

Tips for Preventing Clogs in Your Bathroom Drains If there’s one thing nobody wants to be greeted by in the morning, it’s a clogged drain in the bathroom. Whether it’s your sink, your bathtub, or your toilet that’s stopped up, a clog in one of your bathroom drains usually means it’s time to call a […]

Every Homeowner Needs to Know These Signs of Water Leaks

    Most people envision water leaks causing instant flooding, but a leak could be hiding in your home for a long time before you even know it is there. The longer a leak is around, the more water it will waste and the more damage it will cause. By being aware of the signs […]

Water Heater Maintenance by Mike Counsil Plumbing

Why Regular Water Heater Maintenance is Important

If you’re anything like most homeowners, you probably use hot water on a daily basis. That means you need to have a dependable water heater. If you want to be assured of a working water heater, however, it’s important to remember to schedule routine maintenance. Having mineral buildup removed and having every component checked will […]

The Different Types of Plumbing Pipes

Today’s plumbing industry is rapidly changing as we learn more and more about the health advantages and dangers of different materials used for the pipes that carry our water. Innovation has met design and the result is many types of plumbing pipes that each carry their own unique benefits depending on their use. Pipes are […]

What’s the Lifespan of My Home’s Plumbing?

Your plumbing system isn’t just the lifeline of your home, it is also a sizable investment that can either subtract or add value to your home. Understanding what contributes to your plumbing system’s lifespan is critical for getting the best return on your investment while also living comfortably and safely. Read on to learn more […]

How to Stop an Overflowing Toilet?

If your toilet is overflowing, and you want to know how to stop it quickly, then this article is for you! DIY Steps for Controlling an Overflowing Toilet You may want to try and control an overflowing toilet problem on your own while you wait for professional backup. Here are some steps you can try […]

Why is My Toilet Bubbling?

Why is My Toilet Bubbling? Have you ever seen bubbles coming from your toilet? This can be a sight to see, but why is this happening and what should you do about it if anything? Read on to learn why toilets bubble and what you should do about it. Reasons Toilet Bubble Clogs There are […]

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Every sewer system in the United States is different and depends on a variety of factors. If you’re having sewer problems, it’s best to call a sewer camera inspection contractor. Sewer camera inspections use small video cameras, much like the ones found in smartphones, but that are more high tech and waterproofed. Once they enter […]

Items You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

Many people unknowingly flush items down the toilet that should not be flushed, which can cause a toilet clog and require toilet drain cleaning. This article enlightens readers on the toilet objects you should never dispose of in your toilet. Flushable Wipes No, it’s not just a myth. Flushing wipes down your toilet is a […]

Mike Counsil Plumbing is Growing!

Mike Counsil Plumbing Is Growing ! It has been very frustrating for many businesses over the past year and a half.  Many businesses have not been able to survive the Covid pandemic and have been forced to close their doors.  There are many reasons why Mike Counsil Plumbing has not only survived, but has continued […]

Top Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Top Signs You Need Drain Cleaning When you turn on a faucet or flush the toilet, you expect water to come out of the tap and flow smoothly down the drain. But what happens if the drain is clogged? Watch for these top signs so you know when to call a plumber to clean your […]

Common Water Heater Issues and What Might Be Wrong

Common Water Heater Issues and What Might Be Wrong Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home—and the one you take the most for granted. Unless you’re out of town, you can trust that you’ll use your water heater every day to shower, cook, clean, wash dishes, and do laundry. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Pour Grease Down the Drain

Why You Shouldn’t Pour Grease Down the Drain If there’s one thing every homeowner should know, it’s that grease does not belong down the drain. Even pouring a small amount of bacon grease or used cooking oil into the kitchen sink can cause plumbing woes. Let’s explore the problems with pouring grease down the drain […]

10 Easy Ways to Use Less Water at Home

10 Easy Ways to Use Less Water at Home While some conservation efforts are expensive or inconvenient, using less water is easy to do! Plus, your efforts can reduce your water bill and help safeguard this important natural resource. Here are 10 no- and low-cost ways to save water at home. Check for toilet leaks: […]

Tankless Water Heaters – How Much Could You Save?

It pays to make energy-efficient upgrades in your home. While space heating and cooling equipment gets a lot of attention, water heating is one of the costliest utilities for most homeowners. This means upgrading your water heater can generate excellent long-term savings. Have you considered switching to a tankless water heater? This technology can noticeably […]

Emergency Shutoff Valve

How to Locate Your Emergency Shutoff Valve

If water is gushing from an overflowing toilet, leaky pipe, or rusted-out water heater, you need to act fast to prevent water damage. One option is to locate the main water shutoff valve. If the leak stems from a specific plumbing fixture, you can also try turning the valve behind it. Here’s everything you need […]

White Toilet in White Bathroom

How to Choose the Perfect Toilet

How to Choose the Perfect Toilet A toilet is a toilet, right? You might very well think that until you are faced with the problem of having to choose one. Once you’re shopping for a toilet, you’ll discover that the options are seemingly endless. How can you pick the right toilet for your house? First, […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Happy Mother’s day to all of the Mothers, Grandmothers, Great Grand Mothers and soon to be Mothers. Is there really any other more important day to celebrate than Mother’s Day.  I don’t think so.  If you think about it nothing else is possible without a Mother. You wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t […]

3 Things to Know About Tankless Water Heaters Before Making the Switch

3 Things to Know About Tankless Water Heaters Before Making the Switch Have you heard about the incredible performance and energy-efficiency of tankless water heaters? If you’re eager to save on your water heating bills and enjoy an endless supply of hot water, you may be ready to make the switch. However, before you do, […]

Get Prepared: Make Your Home Earthquake-Ready with These Tips

Get Prepared: Make Your Home Earthquake-Ready with These Tips If you live in an earthquake-prone area, you know the importance of preparation. Earthquakes can happen without warning; being prepared can make all the difference in protecting your property and your family. To get your home earthquake-ready, follow some simple tips. Make sure all family members […]

Residential Condensing Hybrid Tankless Water Heater

Understanding How Tankless Water Heaters Work

Understanding How Tankless Water Heaters Work Tankless water heaters, also known as demand or instantaneous water heaters, only provide hot water when you need it. This means the standby energy loss associated with storage water heaters doesn’t exist with tankless versions. This saves energy to lower your monthly water heating bills. Here’s a brief look […]

Noisy Pipes? Here are 6 Reasons for the Banging

Noisy Pipes? Here are 6 Reasons for the Banging You’re enjoying a peaceful evening at home when you turn on the faucet or flush the toilet. Suddenly, mysterious banging sounds start emanating from the walls. You listen carefully, but the sound gradually disappears. Sometimes, the noise is harmless. Other times, it could damage your pipes […]

angelo graduation picture

Did You Graduate In 2020

Did You Graduate In 2020? Did you graduate in the year 2020?  If you did,  you most likely did not have a traditional graduation with all of your family yelling and screaming to celebrate you reaching a milestone in your life and one of your most memorable moments. You probably did not have a fabulous […]


    Please take your time to review the documents in this blog. They outline, in detail, Mike Counsil Plumbing and Rooter’s CDC Protocol. Our highest priority is your safety and the safety of our team.


Mike Counsil Plumbing Covid-19 Update     Mike Counsil Plumbing would like to keep you informed, not only with the statistics but also with information to keep you safe.  Please hover over the map below to see how the  COVID-19 virus is affecting the rest of the world and use this link to receive updated […]

Helping Each Other

Helping Each Other   Mike Counsil Plumbing is always ready to help when we can. We received this beautiful letter from The El Camino Health Foundation thanking Mike Counsil Plumbing, General Manager, Patty Loza and Service Manager, Sean Counsil, for a recent Donation. If you have the opportunity to help someone please do, it is […]

Missing The Fun, But Not All Bad

Are you a parent like me and have a student in High school? Yesterday I was reflecting on all of the good times going to High school baseball, football, basketball, soccer etc….. games. My whole family would go out to cheer on my son and hope that he would be the hero of the game, […]

Maximize Your Time At Home

Maximize Your Time At Home While Avoiding COVID-19 Are you wondering what to do now that you are stuck at home?  There are a lot of ways that you can look at this time of your life. You can choose to have a negative outlook, or choose to see the positive side of things and […]

Covid-19 Update

  Mike Counsil Plumbing and Rooter, and all of our family of employees, would like you to know that our thoughts are with you who have been affected by, and struggling with,  COVID-19 locally and around the world.  We are closely evaluating the situation on a daily bases and monitoring the (CDC) for current information […]

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Mike Counsil Plumbing and Rooter has always been about safety.  We are taking all steps necessary to ensure that you are safe and stay healthy, and our employees are safe and stay healthy. We will get through this and after all is said and done we will remember how all […]

Mike Counsil Plumbing Ducky

Get Your Ducks In A Row

The Center for Desease Control (CDC) has Information that will help you survive. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/ Household Checklist As a family, you can plan and make decisions now that will protect you and your family during a COVID-19 outbreak. Stay informed and in touch Get up-to-date information about local COVID-19 activity from public health officials Ask your […]

Plumbers and Covid-19

The Coronavirus came unexpectedly and moved very quickly throughout the world.  We were faced with a challenge and a responsibility to work together to not only find a cure, but stay healthy while pursuing it.  We have to research and develop  something that will be a long lasting solution to the virus. I am so […]

How Much Maintenance Does a Tankless Water Heater Need?

How Much Maintenance Does a Tankless Water Heater Need? Several types of water heaters are used in homes around San Jose. Traditional storage tanks are the most common, but you also have the option to go tankless. Tankless water heaters don’t rely on a storage tank to hold hot water. Instead, they heat water on […]

Plumber fixing white sink pipe with adjustable wrench.

What to Know About Replacing Pipes

What to Know About Replacing Pipes You probably don’t give much thought to the pipes in your house, but at some point they’ll probably need to be replaced. Even high-quality pipes aren’t meant to last forever, so it’s important to pay attention to the state of your plumbing. So what are the signs that your […]

man's hand operating valve

Gas Line Repairs Explained

Gas Line Repairs Explained If your home uses gas for heat or appliances, there will be a gas line connecting directly to every appliance that uses gas. The gas most commonly used for residential applications is natural gas, which utility companies supply to homes through an underground pipe system. These gas lines are installed by […]

water tap with hot water steam

Running Out of Hot Water? Slow Recovery Time Could be to Blame

Running Out of Hot Water? Slow Recovery Time Could be to Blame If you’re the first one in your family to shower every morning, you may never run out of hot water. However, if you’re the last in line, your water heater’s slow recovery time could result in lukewarm showers. Learn more about what affects […]

Plumber installing primer and glue PVC pipe

Piping Options for Different Plumbing Applications

Piping Options for Different Plumbing Applications Different pipe materials have been used over the years for supply and sewer lines. Your home’s piping may depend on when it was built. Whether you’re just curious about the plumbing in your home, or you’re considering a whole-house re-piping project, you may find this information useful. Water Supply […]

How to Turn off the Water for a Plumbing Repair

How to Turn off the Water for a Plumbing Repair It’s wise to turn off the water in your home before starting a plumbing repair. Whether you need to fix or replace a leaky pipe, broken water heater, or outdated fixture, you must know how to turn off the water to prevent structural damage. Here […]

Rules and Recommendations to Conserve Water in San Jose

Rules and Recommendations to Conserve Water in San Jose Water conservation is important everywhere, even during times when water is seemingly abundant. After all, while much of California is no longer in a drought, the Santa Clara Valley Water District still has water conservation rules in effect. Be sure to follow all the rules and […]

How to Check for Plumbing Problems When Buying a House

How to Check for Plumbing Problems When Buying a House Are you house hunting in San Jose? You’ll find plenty of charming residences that catch your eye with one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and unique details that are hard to find in new-construction homes. However, if you’re considering buying a house over 20 or 30 years old, find […]

Do I Need a Water Softener?

Do I Need a Water Softener? When you turn on a faucet, you expect fresh, clean water to come pouring out. However, did you know that your pipes carry more than just H2O? Hard water also contains dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and more. While these are not inherently dangerous to drink, they […]

Types of High-Efficiency Toilets

Types of High-Efficiency Toilets If you have an older toilet that uses several gallons per flush (gpf), your water bills are higher than they need to be. This is like flushing dollar bills down the drain every time you use the restroom. Consider your options for upgrading to a water-saving toilet, and learn just how […]

Water Heater Buying Guide

Water Heater Buying Guide Is your water heater getting old or showing signs of wearing out? Start shopping for a new unit today so you can replace it before it fails. This water heater buying guide has all the information you need to select the best water heater for your San Jose home. Fuel Source […]

6 Tips to Reduce Your Monthly Water Heating Bills

6 Tips to Reduce Your Monthly Water Heating Bills Water heating accounts for about 18 percent of your home’s total energy bill, making it the second most costly utility behind space heating and cooling. Often, the most effective way to reduce your monthly water heating bills is to install a high-efficiency tankless water heater. However, […]

mens health month slider

Men’s Health Month

MEN’S HEALTH MONTH Throughout June, Men’s Health Month focuses on improving the lifestyles of men. While there are several approaches to improving overall health, diet and exercise are the targets of any changes. All month long, community events and clinics take place to increase awareness of the leading health concerns men face. It’s important to […]

5 Benefits of Hydro-Jetting

5 Benefits of Hydro-Jetting Clogged drains can happen in any home or business in San Jose. Foreign objects can lodge themselves in the pipes, and tree roots can cause slow drains or sewer backups. If a plunger or plumbing snake can’t move the clog, you need something a little more powerful. Hydro-jetting could be the […]

How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Summer Vacation

How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Summer Vacation Do you have a long getaway planned for your family this summer? Make sure your plumbing is ready before you leave, especially if you’ll be gone for weeks or even months at a time. Just follow this checklist. Arrange to have a friend or neighbor check in. […]

gas water heater

Benefits of Gas Appliances

Natural gas is one of America’s most valuable resources. If you rely on electricity for all your home heating, cooking and drying needs, you may be missing out on tremendous benefits and savings. If you’re thinking of switching from electric to natural gas appliances, consider what awaits you. Faster Water Heating Aside from space heating […]

Water heater

Secure Your Water Heater in Case of an Earthquake

Living in San Jose, California means your home is vulnerable to earthquakes. After the ground settles, you want to go back to normal as quickly as possible, which includes taking a hot shower. Of course, this is only possible if your water heater withstood the shakes and tremors of the quake. Protect this valuable source […]

Mike Counsil Green Truck

Top 10 Plumbing Emergencies

No one expects their plumbing to act up. Unfortunately, emergencies can strike out of nowhere. Learn about the top 10 plumbing emergencies in San Jose so you can prepare for the unexpected. Blocked sink: When you run water from the tap, you expect it to drain away quickly. When the pipe starts to clog, the […]

How to Shut Off Your Home’s Main Water Supply

When a leaky pipe, rusted water heater or overflowing toilet threatens to flood your home, you need to know where the main water supply shut-off valve is located – and fast! It’s also helpful to know how to shut off water to individual plumbing fixtures. We’ve got the instructions you need right here. Where to […]

Plumber Stereotypes

8 Plumber Stereotypes Debunked

8 Plumber Stereotypes Debunked If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, it’s probably been a while since you called a plumbing company. It’s also possible that you believe certain stereotypes about plumbers. Consider the most common misconceptions and how they couldn’t be further from the truth when describing the Mike Counsil Plumbing team in San Jose, California. Plumbers […]

gas water heater

6 Ways to Prevent a Water Heater Disaster

You enjoy hot water every day, yet you probably don’t give much thought to your water heater. Don’t wait for a catastrophic failure – protect your home from a costly water heater breakdown with these simple tips. Inspect the tank frequently. It only takes a few moments, but checking up on your water heater every […]

Preventing Plumbing Emergencies

No one wants to deal with plumbing emergencies. They’re inconvenient, may cause property damage and could land you with a hefty repair bill. While there’s no guarantee against plumbing problems, you can prevent most emergencies by following these tips. Don’t Pour Cooking Grease Down the Drain It might be liquid when it’s hot, but grease […]

Drain cleaning machine in outer space at San Jose, CA

How to Fix 5 Common Plumbing Problems

It’s easy to take your plumbing for granted – until a problem develops. Fortunately, the most common plumbing problems are usually easy to fix without professional assistance. And for more complicated jobs, you can always call a reliable plumber in San Jose, CA for help. Clogged Drains Plumbing is designed to handle water flow, but […]

How to Maintain a Water Heater

How to Maintain a Water Heater   You might assume your water heater doesn’t need maintenance, but if you check the instruction manual, you’ll see it recommends a simple checkup once a year. Here’s how to maintain a water heater so it performs efficiently and lasts years longer. Make Preparations The night before your project, […]

How to Find a Great Plumber

How to Find a Great Plumber   Unless you’re an avid DIYer, you need someone to help you deal with clogged drains, leaky pipes and your broken garbage disposal. Performing more extensive work requires a professional plumbing license. Before you team up with one company or another, follow these tips to help you find a […]

Drain Cleaning Tips for Clogged Sinks and Tubs

    Indoor plumbing is wonderful as long as your pipes flow smoothly. However, slow drains are quite common. If you continue to use the sink or tub in question, it will soon become completely clogged. Until you clear the blockage, your bathroom is useless. You might instinctively reach for chemical drain cleaning products, but […]

The Drain Pipes in under ground in garden

Spotlight on Loyalty Pricing from Mike Counsil

    As a homeowner, plumbing services are something you are going to need periodically. From water heater maintenance services to drain cleaning and tune-ups, it’s inevitable that you will need a plumber to keep your home in top condition. Mike Counsil Plumbing and Rooter is here to make calling your plumber easier and more […]

Renovating Your Home? Check Out These Popular Bathroom Sink Styles

    If you’re renovating your home, changing your bathroom sink can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your room. You are no longer limited to installing a simple basin with a cabinet in your bathroom. Today, there are numerous different bathroom sink styles available to suit a different room sizes and styles. […]

Worker Repairing Water Heater

Common Water Heater Problems and Solutions

    There is a good chance that you don’t give too much thought to your hot water heater—until it stops working. That is when you find out just how much you rely on a steady supply of hot water any time you need it. Unfortunately, there are many different problems that can and do […]

A Brief Look at Our Home Protection Plans

Planning helps you stay in control and on top of your responsibilities—including monitoring your home’s water heater and other plumbing elements. Here at Mike Counsil Plumbing, we help homeowners stay on track with our home protection plans. When you sign up for a home protection plan, you’ll receive annual tune ups and other maintenance services […]

what not to put down a disposal thumbnail

Surprising Things You Can’t Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is a great tool that helps you keep your kitchen clean and running smoothly. But are you preventing your garbage disposal from running as smoothly as possible? Along with knowing the basics of drain cleaning, it’s important to know what you can and can’t put down your garbage disposal. As you’ll see […]

Common Types of Hot Water Heater Repairs

Do you know how old your water heater is? These appliances typically last between 8 and 10 years before they need to be replaced. If you work with the right water heater repair company, you can keep your appliance in great shape for as long as possible. Keep reading to learn about common types of […]

FAQs About Water Heater Flushes

To work efficiently for as long as possible, water heaters need regular maintenance. One facet of water heater maintenance is flushing. During this process, your plumber ensures that any substances in the tank of your water heater that could impact its efficiency are removed. Why are water heater flushes so important, and how often should […]

plumber finding a leak

Recognizing the Importance of Fast Water Leak Repairs

Recognizing the Importance of Fast Water Leak Repairs When a water leak happens, it is important to call a plumber as soon as possible for repairs. Even small leaks can cause significant and costly issues. Your plumber has more tools than ever before, including the use of video inspections, to locate leaks so that repairs […]

Could You Have a Faulty Water Heater Element?

One common water heater repair is replacing a faulty heater element. To determine if you are having an issue with your water heater element, your plumber will use a device to test your electrical connection. Watch this video to see how your water heater element can be tested. Using a handheld electrical meter, your plumber […]

House repiping in process

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Your Drains When You’re Spring Cleaning

It’s easy to overlook the importance of maintaining your sewer and drain pipes—until a problem occurs, that is. Many homeowners simply expect all of their drains to work without giving them much thought, until the day that they start overflowing. Regular drain cleaning can help you avoid the expense and inconveniences associated with blocked and […]

How Long Will a Water Heater Last?

Water heaters are one of the most important components of your plumbing system. The worst time to find out that your water heater isn’t working is when you discover a cold shower in the morning, but having some idea of the lifetime of your system can help you avoid this unpleasant surprise. If you think […]

Why Do Plumbers Use Video Inspections?

Why Do Plumbers Use Video Inspections? If your plumber suspects you have a problem with your pipes, he or she may recommend a video inspection. This method of diagnosing your problem could save you a great deal of money and disruption while allowing your plumber to accurately determine the cause of your issue and the […]

How Is Hydro Jetting Different from Snaking?

Hydro jetting and snaking are both ways of dealing with drain clogs. Your plumber will help you choose which one is right for your needs based on the nature and severity of your clog. Here is a look at the differences between these two plumbing services. Hydro jetting involves the use of a high-pressure stream […]

How to Choose a New Toilet

A toilet is one of the most used fixtures in the home, so when it’s time to invest in a new one, it’s important to make a careful decision. If you have questions about what might be right for your home, consult with your plumber. He or she can make sure this home improvement investment […]

Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

If you’ve ever had a clogged drain, then you know how touchy they can be. Although it may seem like just about anything can slide down your drain, in reality, drains are extremely sensitive and can get clogged easily. Although drain cleaning performed by your plumber can help you deal with clogs and slow drains […]

How Do Earthquakes Affect Water and Gas Lines?

Among the many problems earthquakes can create are issues with your water and gas lines. As the earth shifts, lines can become damaged or dislodged, which can cause leaks. Water leaks can cause costly damage to your home, while leaking gas lines pose a significant fire danger. Fortunately, your plumber can offer solutions to protect […]

Understanding the First Hour Rating

When you purchase a new water heater, one factor you will consider is the first hour rating. The first hour rating of a water heater will tell you how many gallons of hot water it can generate per hour, so you can determine if it has the capacity to meet the needs of your household. […]

Meet Our President, Mike Counsil

Mike Counsil has been an integral figure in Santa Clara Valley’s service industry for more than two decades. He began his career as a contractor, specializing in residential construction, and quickly established a renowned reputation for his professionalism and meticulousness. Building on his success, Mike expanded his services to include residential plumbing five years later. […]

New Water Heater Regulation by Mike Counsil Plumbing

What Homeowners Should Know About the New Water Heater Regulations

Are you planning to replace your water heater? Since 2015, federal regulations have required all newly installed water heaters to meet the standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy for energy efficiency. If your old water heater is more than a 55-gallon unit, this means that you might end up needing more space in […]

Get to Know Mike Counsil Plumbing

At Mike Counsil Plumbing, we take our commitment to our customers seriously. As a family owned and operated business, we know the importance of being able to trust the people who handle your plumbing needs. With an experienced team of skilled technicians, an effective preventive maintenance program, and a dedication to finding the most environmentally […]

Bathroom Renovation Tips by Mike Counsil Plumbing & Rooter

Quick Fixes for Renovating Your Old Bathroom

If your bathroom is starting to show its age, you don’t have to tear it down and build a new room to revitalize its appearance. There are plenty of simpler ways to renovate your bathroom that you can do even on a limited budget. Here are some cost-effective ways to give your bathroom the fresh […]

Garbage Disposal by Mike Counsil Plumbing

How Garbage Disposals Work

If you’re like most homeowners, you have probably used your garbage disposal more than a hundred times without ever stopping to wonder how it works. But garbage disposals serve an important purpose: They’re convenient, they help you keep your kitchen clean, and they prevent unwanted odors from collecting inside your home. Using Your Garbage Disposal […]

Get Fast Help for Your Plumbing Problems

Get Fast Help for Your Plumbing Problems If you have a problem with your plumbing, such as a water heater that isn’t switching on or a drain that is clogged, fast repairs are a must. Failing to get timely plumbing service can allow a small plumbing issue to turn into a costly disaster. Watch this […]

House Re-piping by Mike Counsil Plumbing

Is It Time to Schedule Whole-House Re-Piping?

Every house will eventually need to be re-piped, so how do you know when it is time to have new pipes installed at your home? Although re-piping is a major undertaking, doing so is necessary to prevent costly water damage from occurring. If you are considering re-piping, the first step is to make an appointment […]

Synchrony Financing in San Jose

Learning about Synchrony Financing

If you want to keep your plumbing emergencies to a minimum and prevent your utility bills from getting out of control, it may be time to invest in some major upgrades and repairs in your home. If you’ve always wanted to bring your home’s plumbing system up to date, but never had the budget for […]

Items not to be flush down in Toilet

Items You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

The fastest way to clog up your toilet is to flush something that shouldn’t be in there. Nothing other than toilet paper or human waste should go down your toilet drain—and that includes paper towels, napkins, and facial tissues, which aren’t designed to break up as quickly as toilet paper and can quickly clog the […]

water regulation video

Learn about Newer Water Heater Regulations

In the past, providing a home with hot water around the clock meant using up a lot of energy. In recent years, however, the federal government has taken steps to require water heaters to operate much more efficiently so that less energy will be wasted. In this video from This Old House, you’ll learn how […]

plumbing contractor in van

What Is Hydro-Jetting?

In the past, clearing out a clog or an obstruction in a sewer line was a costly and time-consuming ordeal. Thanks to modern plumbing technology, that’s no longer the case. Hydro-jetting is a state-of-the-art technique that your plumber can use to eliminate sewer line clogs. Keep reading for an introduction to hydro-jetting and how it […]

3 Things to Know Before Switching to a Tankless Water Heater

Before Switching to Tankless Water Heater If you’re trying to decide whether you should opt for a tankless water heater in your home, you may be wondering if there are any potential drawbacks to having one. As beneficial as tankless models can be, they’re not right for everybody. In this video, you’ll learn some important […]

Sean At Clients Door Hand Shake

Elements to Consider When Choosing a New Water Heater

If you’re thinking of making the plunge and buying a brand new water heater for your home, it’s likely that you’ll have a lot of questions. Your best move is to contact an experienced professional you can trust to guide you through the process of picking out the best model. These are some of the […]

Ygrene Financing by Mike Counsil Plumbing

Learning About Ygrene Financing

If you’re looking to make your household more energy efficient, Ygrene Energy Fund can provide the funding you need. Among other things, Ygrene can pay to update your home’s gas lines, replace your current sewer line system, install an eco-friendly water heater, and upgrade any other part of your house to help you reduce your […]

Keeping your home healthy infographic

Keeping Your Home Healthy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Keeping Your Home Healthy Check out these great tips to ensure your home is healthy all year long. 

Signs That You Need a New Water Heater

No household can function without a working water heater. Even if you’re overdue to replace your current water heater, however, it isn’t always clear when the time has come to make that investment. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the potential warning signs that your current water heater is due to be replaced. […]