Did you know that performing annual maintenance of your water heater can extend the life and efficiency of your water heater?

Water heater tanks and tankless heat exchangers naturally build up hard water sediment that diminishes their performance and leads to premature failure. Additionally, water heater tanks come with a protective anode rode to help combat the negative effects associated with hard water sediment. Replacing this rod every 3-4 years can improve performance and extend the life of the tank which saves you money.

What we offer:

We will send out a Mike Counsil Plumbing water heater specialist to your home and offer these premium services:

  • Exclusive Maintenance Program (See our Home Protection Plan page)
  • Annual system sediment flush & drain of tank water heaters
  • Anode rod assessment & replacement
  • Precision tune-up & safety check
  • Whole house water pressure testing

Benefits of this include:

  • Helps prevent costly breakdowns
  • Ensures your unit remains safe
  • Keeps your unit working at maximum efficiency
  • Prolongs the life expectancy
  • Increased guarantees and warranties
  • Saves you time, money and frustration