Main Shut Off Replacement in San Jose, CA

It’s important that you’re prepared for possible plumbing emergencies by memorizing the location of your home’s main water shut off valve in advance. Equally important is ensuring that the valve is functioning and is fully operable. Over time these valves rarely get used or are “exercised”, causing them either to seize and lock up or develop leaks from the internal workings after attempting to shut them off.

In addition to your main emergency water shut off valve, excessive water pressure entering their home can put a harmful strain on your appliances, fixtures and water pipes. A water system and all of its operable mechanisms are designed to operate at a maximum of 80 psi. Anything greater than this can cause premature failure of your faucets, toilets, appliances and water heater. Even worse, premature pipe failure resulting in leaks. A pressure regulating assurance valve is designed for keeping healthy & regulated water pressure in your home, which will ensure fewer visits from your plumber and will save you time, money and frustration.

At Mike Counsil Plumbing we offer a whole house water pressure test as part of our premium service on all routine service calls. Rely on Mike Counsil’s plumbing team of experts to assess these critical components in your home’s water distribution system today.