Did You Graduate In 2020

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Did You Graduate In 2020?

Did you graduate in the year 2020?  If you did,  you most likely did not have a traditional graduation with all of your family yelling and screaming to celebrate you reaching a milestone in your life and one of your most memorable moments. You probably did not have a fabulous graduation party with a large group of all your friends hugging and having fun. Most schools did not have a senior prom or senior trip in 2020. Why? Covid 19! It’s hard to think about your child who has looked forward to all that graduation from high school brings and know that he or she has had that experience taken away from them forever. I guess I could go on and on about how many things have changed because of Covid 19, but I would rather talk about our fabulous young adults and the creative ways that they have handled the adversity.  Schools have been creative and communities have done what they can to show our students that we are proud of them and we appreciate them. In our community, they lined the streets with pictures of graduating students on banners hanging from street lights.  I didn’t expect it but appreciated the gesture.  I have a son that graduated this year.  Many of his friends, instead of being depressed and hanging their heads, did creative things to make the celebration special. I am sure that none of us including the students will forget the class of 2020 and the position they were put into.  My son happened to have a birthday in the month of his graduation.  He was a great student for 4 years, was looking forward to a baseball future, and graduation with all of his friends. I am so proud of my son, all students graduating in 2020, and the communities that held their heads up high were creative and did what they could with what they had to work with.  It shows me that the future will be in the hands of intelligent, level headed individuals that won’t let anything stop them.  Congratulations all you fabulous graduates and good luck in the future. Click the video below if you would like to see how my son handled his birthday and graduation.

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