DIY Tips for Keeping Your Plumbing Healthy

DIY Tips for Keeping Your Plumbing Healthy

When your plumbing goes awry, it can cause major problems. Not only can plumbing problems damage your pipes and the structure of your home, but water damage can ruin furniture, electronics, and personal belongings, some of which are irreplaceable. How can you prevent plumbing issues in your home?

Keep your toilet in good working order.

If your toilet is running, you’ll waste a lot of water. If your toilet isn’t kept clean, mineral buildup and bacteria can keep the jets which make it flush from working properly. Also, watch what you flush. Anything that’s not biological material or toilet paper can damage your pipes or septic system.

The garbage disposal is not a substitute for the garbage can.

They can’t handle everything you might throw at them, so be careful what you put into yours. Don’t put starchy foods into your disposal, never put fats, oils, or grease into your drain in any way, and throw away bones, eggshells, and coffee grounds, rather than putting them down the disposal.

Unclog your pipes naturally.

Hair, soap, and debris can clog your drains, but harsh chemicals can damage not only your pipes but also your health. Use a plunger, if possible, or try some baking soda and vinegar to blast stubborn clogs.

Prepare your plumbing for winter.

As temperatures drop, winterize your plumbing. Disconnect hoses from your outdoor faucets, and make sure their shut-off valves are closed. Wrap exterior pipes in foam insulation, and if you’re leaving town, turn off the water main to your house and make sure your thermostat is at least at 60 degrees.

Watch the water pressure.

Too much water pressure puts your plumbing under stress, and over time your pipes and joints can break down. If you’re concerned that your pressure may be too high, get a pressure gauge from the hardware store and check it. Healthy water pressure is between 40 and 80 psi.

Catch little leaks before they become a big problem.

Be vigilant about fixing leaks promptly and you’ll save money on water bills as well as preventing water damage to your hour home.

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