FAQs About Water Heater Flushes

To work efficiently for as long as possible, water heaters need regular maintenance. One facet of water heater maintenance is flushing. During this process, your plumber ensures that any substances in the tank of your water heater that could impact its efficiency are removed. Why are water heater flushes so important, and how often should you have them done? Here are the answers to these questions and others homeowners frequently have.

Do I really need to flush my hot water heater?

Water heater flushes are often overlooked, but they are essential for keeping your system in top condition. Over time, sediment, calcium, lime, and other minerals build up in your hot water heater. They usually settle at the bottom of the tank, creating an additional barrier between flames of the heater and the water. As a result, your system has to work harder to warm the water to your pre-set temperature. It also takes longer for water to heat, which could impact your supply of hot water. Flushing removes that sediment so that your water heater works efficiently.

How often does my water heater need to be flushed?

Although the composition of the water in your local area has a great deal to do with how much build-up your water heater accumulates, most water heaters should be flushed once a year. Hard water causes the most build-up, and soft water causes the least. However, an annual flush is effective for most homes.

What are the effects of not flushing a water heater?

Your water heater will become inefficient, and your utility bills may increase without regular flushing. Over time, sediment can also leak out of your faucets, decrease your water pressure, and even cause your tank to stop working completely.

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