Gas Line Repairs Explained

Gas Line Repairs Explained

If your home uses gas for heat or appliances, there will be a gas line connecting directly to every appliance that uses gas. The gas most commonly used for residential applications is natural gas, which utility companies supply to homes through an underground pipe system. These gas lines are installed by a professional, but over time, they can run into problems. Gas line repair is important because gas leaks are extremely dangerous, due to the flammable and toxic nature of natural gas.

What causes problems in gas lines?

The primary issues are aging pipes and a buildup of gas pressure that occurs over time. Other things that can cause damage to your gas lines include tree roots, severe weather, and accidents that occur during excavation.

Gas leaks can happen for different reasons.

Maybe an appliance or gas line hookup wasn’t correctly installed. A leak can also happen if the hose for a gas line gets pinched. Anytime there’s a gas leak, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. It’s not always easy to detect leaking gas, but natural gas has an odor added to make it easier to notice. This odor smells like rotten eggs, so if you smell something like that, call your gas company or a plumber.

Gas line repairs require a professional.

If there’s a gas line leak, the flow of gas must be turned off immediately. Exposure to leaking gas can make people extremely ill, and natural gas leaks can cause explosions during repairs if the entire gas service is not shut off. The gas supply must be done at every appliance, as well as the main supply line to your home. And while you may be able to turn the gas off at each appliance by yourself, but turning off the main supply line will require a licensed plumber.

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