How to Check for Plumbing Problems When Buying a House

How to Check for Plumbing Problems When Buying a House

Are you house hunting in San Jose? You’ll find plenty of charming residences that catch your eye with one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and unique details that are hard to find in new-construction homes. However, if you’re considering buying a house over 20 or 30 years old, find out more about the plumbing before you make an offer.

Have the Sewer Line Inspected

A problem with the sewer line leading from the house to the street could cause everything from slow drains to a backed up sewer system during heavy rainfall. Hire a plumber to perform a video inspection of your sewer line. Then you can see for yourself if the line is corroded, broken, offset, or suffering from root infiltration. This inspection can give you peace of mind or provide evidence that the seller must make repairs before you’re willing to buy.

Ask About the Water Heater

The average storage water heater begins to decline after 10 to 15 years in use. An easy way to make sure it still works is to turn on the hot water in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. You should also ask about the age of the unit. Many installers write the installation date directly on the tank. If this isn’t the case in your situation, feel free to ask the seller when they bought it.

Also, pay attention to where the water heater is installed. The basement and garage are ideal locations for easy cleanup if the unit leaks.

Test the Toilets, Faucets & Showerheads

Flush the toilets in every bathroom to make sure they function properly. Try rocking each toilet back and forth to check if it feels secure. Then, turn on all the faucets and showerheads to test the water pressure and check for any stubborn handles. Make sure all the sinks and tubs drain quickly.

Determine the Material of Water Supply Pipes

First, ask about the age of the plumbing and whether the pipes are original to the house. Then, find out what they’re made of. Copper and plastic are newer plumbing materials. This is what every home-buyer hopes to see.

However, if the pipes are galvanized steel or cast iron, this indicates old plumbing that will probably need to be replaced soon. A mix of materials could mean the pipes have had minor repairs in the past and may require a full replacement before long. Polybutylene and lead plumbing should be replaced right away.

Look for Water Damage

During your walkthrough of a home for sale, keep a lookout for water stains on the wall or ceiling, squishy tiles in the bathroom, discoloration around the toilet base, or soggy floors near the sink. These are all signs of structural damage caused by water leaks.

Mike Counsil Plumbing can inspect the plumbing in your new San Jose home to ensure there are no unforeseen issues. Then, we can get you on a home protection plan to prevent problems in the future. For more information, or to schedule services, please contact us today.

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