How to Choose the Perfect Toilet

White Toilet in White Bathroom

How to Choose the Perfect Toilet

A toilet is a toilet, right? You might very well think that until you are faced with the problem of having to choose one. Once you’re shopping for a toilet, you’ll discover that the options are seemingly endless. How can you pick the right toilet for your house?

First, consider the available features.

What are your priorities? You might want high flush power, or perhaps you’d rather save water. Toilets used to use about 3.5 gallons of water per flush, until the 90s, when the EPA mandated that new toilets only use 1.6. Now, high-efficiency toilets use only 1.28. On the other hand, if flushing power that prevents you from having to flush more than once might be your priority, you might choose pressure-assisted flushing, which uses air pressure to make flushes more powerful.

Consider the height you need.

Standard toilets are 14 or 15 inches high, while “comfort height” toilets are 17-19 inches high. Try out different heights to determine which is most comfortable for you, taking into consideration other people who will be using it.

Consider the different styles of toilets.

    • Two-piece toilets are most common. The tank and bowl are separate but fit together, and the tank is large. Unfortunately, dirt can easily gather in the seam between the pieces. Their advantages are durability and the convenience of being able to carry them in two separate pieces.
    • A one-piece toilet is just that. One piece of ceramic encompasses the tank and bowl, and the water tank is small, but the toilet is easier to clean. These toilets are expensive and come in varied styles.
    • Wall-hung toilets feature a bowl attached to the wall. They seem tankless because the tank is inside the wall. They’re aesthetically appealing and easy to clean, but expensive and complicated to install.
    • High-tank toilets work with gravity. The tank is above the bowl, and pulling a chain opens the valve to release the water. They have a retro look, but can be difficult to find and expensive to install.
    • With integrated base toilets, the bottom is full and smooth. Because there are no grooves or nooks, they’re sleek-looking and easy to clean.


Different colored toilets can easily fit in with your bathroom’s décor. Be aware, however, that white toilets can increase the resale value of your home.

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