Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Water flooding living room floor

Any time something breaks around your house, it’s cause for concern. When the plumbing goes awry, though, it can cause even the most seasoned homeowner to panic. Fortunately, most common plumbing emergencies can be handled quickly and effectively by a licensed plumber. Here, we discuss some common plumbing problems and how you can handle them before they become plumbing emergencies.

  • Let’s start with one of the scariest- the overflowing toilet. There’s nothing that can quite compare to the panic one feels when the toilet begins to overflow. It is a common issue, but no less of an emergency when you are frantically plunging to keep the wastewater from reaching the floor and beyond! Often, you can fix the immediate issue with your trusty plunger. However, an overflowing toilet warrants a visit from the plumber. A licensed plumber can get to the root of the issue before it becomes a disaster.
  • A clogged sink is not as bad as a clogged toilet, but it can seriously impact your daily activities. From cooking and cleaning to basic hygiene, many things you need to do during the day can be interrupted if your sink won’t drain. While a minor clog just causes your sink to drain slowly, a serious clog will completely prevent the water from draining. You can try to unclog it with a plunger or drain snake, but don’t reach for a chemical drain cleaner, as these can damage your pipes. Instead, call for a plumber to un-stop your sink.
  • Leaky fixtures warrant attention. While a leaky faucet or toilet may not seem like an emergency, failing to catch these things early can lead to a host of problems. First, they can cause a mess. Then, they can increase your water bill. However, perhaps the worst problems that the standing water from leaky fixtures can cause are rust and mold in your pipes. Rust can damage your plumbing, and mold can cause health issues for your family. Have any leaks repaired as quickly as possible, by a licensed plumber.
  • A burst pipe is a homeowner’s nightmare. This most commonly happens in the winter, when pipes freeze and expand. However, it can happen any time that water pressure increases significantly and builds up in the weak joint of a pipe. You might hear a popping sound, but in many cases you won’t. Sometimes, a burst pipe can be dramatic and obvious, but other times you won’t notice it at first. If you see wet spots on your wall or your water bill suddenly goes through the roof, call your plumber for help immediately before the damage is too major.
  • When your sewer system backs up, this is even more horrifying than a burst pipe. Every home has incoming water lines and outgoing sewer lines; when everything works as it should, these carry water in opposite directions from each other. When something goes wrong and the sewer system backs up, you can end up with raw sewage coming into your home through multiple drains. This is not only disgusting but also a health hazard, so of course you will need to call a plumber if this happens. However, if you start noticing drain clogs, gurgling toilets, or bad smells in your drains, you can call a plumber before a sewage backup ruins your day.
  • A malfunctioning water heater requires immediate attention from the plumber. Does your water have a strange color? Does it have an odd odor? Have you noticed water on the floor near your water heater? These are all signs that something is wrong with your water heater. Taking action when you notice these minor issues can prevent worse problems, like a flood from a broken water heater or no hot water when you step into the shower. Calling a plumber is smart, because a professional will know whether the water heater needs a simple fix or should be replaced.

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