Mike Counsil Plumbing COVID-19 Safe Plumbing Tips

The Coronavirus came unexpectedly and moved very quickly throughout the world.  We were faced with a challenge and a responsibility to work together to not only find a cure, but stay healthy while pursuing it.  We have to research and develop  something that will be a long lasting solution to the virus. I am so proud of the people that I have come in contact with who have taken this problem and faced it head on.  We could continue to ask the question why, and be frustrated and upset at ourselves, for an answer that is taking too long, or we can look forward, use all the resources we have and work together toward a solution. We need to extend our hand to other countries and combine our scientific talents to find a cure. Plumbers all over the world want to be a part of that solution and so does Mike Counsil Plumbing and Rooter. So we are continuing to service the community in a way that will ease the pain and comfort our clients. We are washing hands often, wearing rubber gloves, wearing shoe coverings, wearing masks when appropriate and sanitizing our work areas before and after every job. We are the greatest country in the world. We have had challenges in the past, and we have conquered them all.  Is there really any doubt that this will be another disaster that we will look back on and say, “Our country is great, our people are great and we will not be defeated.”