Tips to Avoid Winter Plumbing Problems

Cold temperatures, family gatherings, and greasy holiday food can spell trouble for your plumbing system this winter. Fortunately, with a little foresight, you can avoid winter plumbing problems and keep your pipes flowing smoothly. Here are the top tips for San Jose homeowners.

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Avoid Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can occur anytime the temperature falls below freezing, which occasionally happens in the South Bay area. Follow these tips to protect your plumbing:

  • Set the thermostat to 60 degrees or higher at all times.
  • On particularly cold nights, allow faucets to drip and open cabinet doors so heat can reach the pipes below the sink.
  • Seal and insulate any unconditioned parts of your home where pipes are present.
  • Insulate hose bibs and exterior pipes.
  • Disconnect, drain, and store garden hoses.
  • Consider turning off the water to the house if you’re leaving town for a while.

Prevent Water Heater Malfunctions

Your water heater works harder in the winter. Keep it going strong with these tips:

  • Drain a few gallons of water to remove sediment from the bottom of the tank.
  • Insulate exposed pipes to reduce heat loss on the way to the tap.
  • Cover your water heater with an insulating jacket to reduce standby heat loss.
  • Set the temperature to 120 degrees instead of the standard 140 degrees.

Avoid a Clogged Kitchen Sink

The extra people and festive food associated with holiday gatherings put added strain on your kitchen plumbing. Here’s how to prevent inconvenient clogs and garbage disposal problems:

  • Always run water while grinding food and for a few seconds afterward.
  • Never put cooking grease, fruit pits, coffee grounds, animal bones, or stringy food down the drain.
  • Grind food scraps a little at a time. Also, cut any large items into smaller pieces your garbage disposal can handle.
  • If the disposal jams, try pressing the reset button on the bottom of the unit and inserting an Allen wrench into the hexagonal-shaped hole to get things moving.
  • To avoid splatters, don’t use bleach or drain cleaner in your kitchen sink.

Prepare Your Sump Pump

Get your sump pump ready for wet winter weather with these tips:

  • Clean debris from the sump pit and the surrounding area.
  • Test your sump pump every week or two.
  • Install a battery backup in case the first sump pump fails.
  • Improve the drainage on your property to reduce the strain on your sump pump.
  • Check your foundation for cracks or other areas where water could leak inside.

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