7 Common Plumbing Problems

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It’s easy to take your home’s plumbing for granted. But with so many pipes, fittings, fixtures, and appliances in a single system, something is bound to go wrong eventually. Learn what to do about the seven most common plumbing problems.

  1. No hot water: Without hot water, you can’t shower, clean the dishes, or wash clothes. Before panicking, ensure the pilot light on your older water heater is lit and the gas line is open. Then, double-check the temperature setting to ensure the water heater is producing enough heat. If these points are in order, it’s time to request water heater repair.
  2. Leaky pipes: Signs of leaky pipes include visible water damage, mold growth, musty odors, rising water bills, and sounds of water running when all fixtures and appliances are off. Whether the leak is caused by a damaged pipe fitting, cracked seal, excessive water pressure, or frozen pipe, you must act fast to reduce water damage.
  3. Dripping faucet: While a faucet dripping into a sink isn’t liable to cause water damage, this plumbing problem is annoying, wasteful, and costly. Most leaks are caused by a worn-out washer or O-ring, which you can easily replace. But if corrosion or old age is to blame, you may need to replace your dripping faucet.
  4. Slow or clogged drain: Drainage problems need immediate attention. Otherwise, you could be left with an inoperable sink, shower, or bathtub before long. A plumber can fix the problem with a plunger, drain snake, or hydro jetting technology, but you can prevent it from happening in the future by watching what you put down the drain.
  5. Malfunctioning garbage disposal: This is a messy, frustrating plumbing problem. Without a functioning garbage disposal, your kitchen sink could easily become clogged. If the disposal is jammed, try resetting it by pressing the button on the bottom of the unit. You can also dislodge a jam by inserting an Allen wrench into the corresponding hole and twisting it around. If these methods don’t work, call a plumber for help.
  6. Running toilet: A slow leak between the toilet tank and bowl can waste up to 200 gallons per day. Possible causes include a worn-out flapper seal, improper flapper chain length, or corroded toilet handle. Rest assured that if you can’t fix the toilet yourself, a plumber can help.
  7. Low water pressure: Water dribbling from your faucets and showerheads makes washing your hands, brushing your teeth, and showering much harder. Things are even more problematic for your dishwasher and washing machine. If you suddenly develop low water pressure, this could be a symptom of a bigger problem, such as pipe corrosion, hidden leaks, or debris buildup. A plumber can get to the bottom of it.

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