Benefits of Gas Appliances

Natural gas is one of America’s most valuable resources. If you rely on electricity for all your home heating, cooking and drying needs, you may be missing out on tremendous benefits and savings. If you’re thinking of switching from electric to natural gas appliances, consider what awaits you.

Faster Water Heating

Aside from space heating and cooling, water heating is your most costly utility expense. You can save money by switching from an electric water heater to a gas one. After all, gas heats water twice as fast, so you pay less for the same amount. Plus, you’re less likely to run out of hot water between showers when you have a gas water heater.

Better Meals

There’s a reason why 97 percent of chefs prefer to cook on a natural gas stove. This is the fuel of choice for anyone who knows their way around the kitchen. It provides instant heat, shuts off right away with the twist of a knob, and provides precise temperature control while cooking to ensure better meals every time.

More Affordable Home Heating

Gas furnaces are designed to produce as much heat as possible for the money you spend. You may argue that modern electric furnaces boast near-perfect efficiency ratings while gas furnaces top out around 95 percent efficient. However, because natural gas rates are usually far less expensive than electric rates, the same amount of heat results in much smaller energy bills, even when generated at a slightly lower efficiency.

If you’re going to use electricity to heat your home, it’s far more economical to use a heat pump than an electric furnace. Otherwise, a gas furnace is the way to go.

More Convenient Clothes Drying

Laundry is a faster, simpler, more affordable chore when you have a natural gas dryer. The heat dissipates more quickly than with an electric dryer, which fights wrinkles and reduces static cling. Then, even though gas dryers cost a bit more upfront, they more than make up for it by delivering lower energy costs.

Functionality During Power Outages

Do you wish you could take a hot shower or cook dinner even when the power is out? The answer is to switch to natural gas appliances. Because they’re buried underground, gas lines are much more stable and reliable than overhead power lines.

Just be aware that you may need to light natural gas appliances manually with a match since the electronic ignition will fail if the power goes out. But that’s better than getting no function from the appliance at all!

Ready to enjoy these benefits? The only thing left to do is get gas appliance hook-ups installed. The experts at Mike Counsil Plumbing can perform the setup to help you save money on your energy bills and enjoy the greater conveniences that gas appliances provide. For affordable gas line services in San Jose, please contact us at 408-618-8002.

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