Missing The Fun, But Not All Bad

Are you a parent like me and have a student in High school? Yesterday I was reflecting on all of the good times going to High school baseball, football, basketball, soccer etc….. games. My whole family would go out to cheer on my son and hope that he would be the hero of the game, which often times happened. I guess you see the proud father coming out. I loved going out for something to eat after the game and going over every moment with my son. There are a lot of things we are missing right now, and for all of us it is a little different. Soon it will be back to the normal pace of everyday confusion and we won’t have the time we have now. Although in these times of viruses and political struggles in can be challenging, there is another side to the quiet an calm. I am finding myself doing things on the weekends and evenings that I didn’t think I had time to do before. Playing my guitar with my son more, enjoying looking out the window at wild poppy’s blooming, learning to cook home made bread. It is amazing how much time we waste just sitting in front of a television just vegging out. I am finding some positive things about this seclusion and distancing and hope that it is not all negative for you. Find something new to learn, keep yourself busy and stay healthy, And those of you that think working at home is a dream, I am working more hours than I ever have because I am stuck at home. Stay healthy, Stay safe and wash your hands often.

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