Top Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Top Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

When you turn on a faucet or flush the toilet, you expect water to come out of the tap and flow smoothly down the drain. But what happens if the drain is clogged? Watch for these top signs so you know when to call a plumber to clean your sink, toilet, or shower drain.

  • Slow drains: Plumbing fixtures don’t start draining slowly for no reason. Hair, soap scum, grease, and foreign objects could be causing a clog. If your sink has a stopper, try pulling it out and removing any gunk stuck to it. This could be enough to get the drain flowing smoothly again. If not, you need a plumber’s help to clear more stubborn blockages.
  • Multiple clogs: If only one sink is slow, the blockage is probably close to the surface, and you may be able to clear it yourself. However, if multiple sinks start draining slowly all at once, the blockage is probably somewhere further down the sewer line, which is more difficult to reach. A plumber’s professional tools may be required to unclear this type of clog.
  • Standing water: If you ignore a slow drain, it will eventually become a pool of standing water. This means you have a severe clog on your hands and won’t be able to use that plumbing fixture again until the blockage is cleared.
  • Foul odors: What’s that smell? If it’s not coming from the garbage or the pile of dirty dishes by the sink, it could be coming from the drain. This is a sign of waste sitting in the drain or sewer gases slipping through. Either way, you want to deal with the problem without delay.
  • Frequent toilet clogs: Don’t assume it’s a coincidence that the same toilet keeps clogging, even when you use less toilet paper. When clogs become more frequent, this means a major clog could be forming deep down the line. If your efforts with a plunger aren’t enough, let a professional tackle the issue.
  • Gurgling noises: Does the toilet bubble when the washing machine drains? Do you hear gurgling sounds in the sink when the shower is running? Don’t ignore these signs that you need drain cleaning.
  • Water backups: The water should never flow in reverse. If you ever witness water—whether dirty or clear—rising from a sink or shower drain, act fast. Ignoring the issue could lead to water damage and unsanitary conditions.
  • Failed attempts to clear the clog: Everyone should own a plunger to tackle small clogs. If this tool doesn’t do the trick, you may need a plumber’s help to get things moving again.

Have you noticed any of these signs? If so, you need professional drain cleaning from Mike Counsil Plumbing and Rooter. This is a safer option for your pipes than chemical drain cleaners and more effective than baking soda and vinegar. So give us a call today at 408-618-8002 to schedule plumbing services in San Jose, CA.

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