What to Know About Replacing Pipes

What to Know About Replacing Pipes

You probably don’t give much thought to the pipes in your house, but at some point they’ll probably need to be replaced. Even high-quality pipes aren’t meant to last forever, so it’s important to pay attention to the state of your plumbing. So what are the signs that your pipes need to be replaced?

They’ve very old.

The older pipes are, the more likely they are to have issues. If you live in a new house, you obviously don’t need to worry about that, but if your house is older, figure out what kind of pipes you have. Brass and galvanized steel supply lines will last for about 80-100 years, as will cast iron drain lines. Copper supply lines can last 70-80 years, while PVC drain lines only last about 25-40 years. The better care you take of your pipes, the longer they’ll work, but eventually, they’ll wear out.

There are irregularities in the pipes.

Look at your exposed pipes. Do you see any signs of damage? Flaking, stains, dimpling, and discoloration are all signs of pipes on their way out. It’s important to get a professional to inspect your pipes, to determine whether or not you need to replace them.

The pipes outside your home are facing trauma.

Don’t forget about the pipes that extend beyond your house. Your sewer and supply line often face issues like roots and corrosion, as well as clogs from foreign items that never should have gone into the pipes. A plumbing professional can do a thorough inspection, running a camera through the pipes to get a better look at what’s happening.

You’re planning to remodel.

If you’re about to make some big changes to your home, it may be the perfect time to replace your pipes as well. Use the renovations as a chance to inspect the pipes, replacing them if necessary, because this is probably the most convenient opportunity you’ll have to do this. When you’re already pulling up floors and opening up walls, having a professional inspect your pipes is a good move that might save you money in the long run. If you end up having an inspection and learning that you don’t need to replace the pipes, all the better! But if they do require replacement, having that done while everything is a mess and the plumber’s already there is smart.

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