Why is My Toilet Bubbling?

Why is My Toilet Bubbling?

Have you ever seen bubbles coming from your toilet? This can be a sight to see, but why is this happening and what should you do about it if anything? Read on to learn why toilets bubble and what you should do about it.

Reasons Toilet Bubble


There are several reasons why a toilet might bubble. The first reason why a toilet will bubble is because the drain or overflow openings have been clogged with debris. If these openings are clogged, over time air cannot flow through them properly. As a result, the trapped air creates pressurized gas that has no other outlet except for up into the bowl of the toilet where it comes out as bubbles in your water.

In order to fix this problem, you will need a plumber to locate and remove any large objects around your main drain pipe and smaller debris that may be stuck in the openings.

Excess Air in the Water Tank

The next reason why a toilet bowl might bubble is because of too much air in the water tank. If you hear gurgling when the toilet is trying to fill up, you most likely have too much air in your tank. Just open the filler valve at the back of your toilet and wait for about five minutes while it drains out some of its own water, then try refilling it again. This should get rid of any excess gas rattling around in there. If these steps didn’t do the trick, call a licensed plumber to inspect your toilet. Calling in a professional can prevent more complicated toilet issues and overflow.

An Obstructed Vent Stack

Blocked vents are a common issue for homeowners. When the vent stack on your roof is clogged, it releases negative air pressure and causes slow draining or sewer gas smells around your house as well as other problems. The common culprit of vent blocks are debris or animal nests that prevent proper air flow.

Fixing this issue is not something we recommend attempting on your own. You are better off having a professional come and inspect the situation.

A Water Mainline Issue

Your home’s plumbing system depends on drain lines and mainlines to operate correctly. Drain lines are connected to the fixtures in your house that need them for draining water outside your home. The mainline carries wastewater to your city’s municipal connection and is located outside your home. Often a mainline issue will require deep digging outside your home to uncover the location of the mainline clog.

The simple truth is that if your toilet is gurgling due to a water main problem, the possibility of fixing it yourself doesn’t exist. It will require the help of a professional plumber or your municipality to address the issue.

A blocked pipe in the mainline causes negative air pressure in the pipe which leads to toilet bubbling and gurgling.

Determining if the bubbling toilet is due to water mainline issues can be done by a professional plumber but you might also notice other signs around your house. Other drains may be backing up, or you might find backup in your lowest level shower.

Any main line issue will require professional tools, including video inspection equipment, to provide accurate diagnosis and resolve your issue with a water line repair.

The Toilet Isn’t Level

The final common reason why a toilet will bubble is if it’s not sitting level on the floor or baseplate. Troubleshooting this problem may require enlisting the help of a licensed plumber or contractor to correct the issue.

Mike Counsil Plumbing can help you identify the source of your toilet bubbling. Don’t delay acting on a gurgling toilet or you may end up with more extensive repairs and damages as a result. Count on the professionals at Mike Counsil Plumbing! We’ve been providing quality plumbing services in the South Bay Area since 1994 and are ready to conquer whatever comes our way!

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