Pipe Repair vs. Whole-Home Repiping: Which Do I Need?

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Pipe Repair vs. Whole-Home Repiping: Which Do I Need?

Are your home’s pipes not what they used to be? Deciding between pipe repair and whole-home repiping is a common conundrum homeowners face. When presented with this choice, it’s helpful to understand the circumstances pointing to each one so you can select the most suitable solution for your unique plumbing needs.

When Pipe Repair is the Right Choice

Not every plumbing issue requires a complete pipe replacement. In some cases, pipe repair will suffice. Here’s when pipe repair could be the right call:

  • Minor leaks: A small leak indicates an isolated problem. In this scenario, your plumber can probably repair or replace the damaged section without touching the rest of your plumbing system.
  • Localized damage: If plumbing damage is confined to a particular area, like a single pipe affected by wear and tear or accidental impact, a targeted repair should restore your system to full functionality.
  • Recently installed pipes: The lifespan of pipes ranges from 20 to 100 years, depending on the material and maintenance it receives. If your pipes are on the younger end of the spectrum, a full repiping may not be necessary. Chances are a repair will fix the issue, and your pipes will continue to serve you well for many years.

When Whole-Home Repiping Becomes Necessary

In certain situations, a straightforward pipe repair might not cut it. Repiping the house may be best if significant or systemic issues are present. Here are the signs to look for:

  • Old plumbing: If your home is over 50 years old and the plumbing system has never been updated, it’s likely time for whole-home repiping. Aging pipes are prone to leaks, corrosion, and clogs that can only be resolved through a complete replacement.
  • Frequent leaks: If leaks constantly spring up around the house, this suggests widespread damage. Frequent leaks can lead to costly water damage, so consider repiping before this happens.
  • Low water pressure: Consistently low water pressure may indicate widespread pipe deterioration or blockages. In this case, repiping should restore your home’s water pressure.
  • Discolored water: Rust-colored or unusual-smelling tap water could mean your pipes are corroding. This issue typically calls for a complete repiping, as ignoring the problem could lead to water quality issues and health risks.
  • Outdated pipe material: Galvanized iron was commonly used pre-1970. Since then, copper and corrosion-resistant PEX and CPVC have replaced this outdated material. Even some homes built in the early 1990s contain polybutylene pipes, which calls for repiping to avoid leaks and clogs.

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