Top 10 Plumbing Emergencies

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No one expects their plumbing to act up. Unfortunately, emergencies can strike out of nowhere. Learn about the top 10 plumbing emergencies in San Jose so you can prepare for the unexpected.

  1. Blocked sink: When you run water from the tap, you expect it to drain away quickly. When the pipe starts to clog, the slow drain quickly becomes an annoyance. This situation isn’t necessarily an emergency, but if you don’t schedule drain cleaning soon, the water flow could stop completely, rendering the sink useless until you have it fixed.
  2. Stopped-up tub or shower drain: Bathtubs and shower drains can suffer the same fate as sink drains. If water starts pooling around your ankles during your next shower, act quickly to prevent a true plumbing emergency from developing.
  3. Clogged toilet: As the most-used fixture in your home, a clogged toilet is bound to happen sometime. You should attempt to unclog it yourself, but if you can’t manage to dislodge the blockage, it’s time to call an emergency plumber.
  4. Leaky faucet: You may be annoyed by the constant drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet, but your biggest concerns should be your hiked up water bills and the potential for mold growth if you leave the issue unaddressed.
  5. Leaky toilet: The most common toilet leaks occur between the tank and the bowl, causing an occasional “phantom flush.” This is usually an easy fix – simply replace the flapper at your earliest convenience. However, if the toilet is leaking onto the bathroom floor, this is a true plumbing emergency that you should address without delay.
  6. Dripping washing machine, dishwasher or ice maker hose: Check behind and underneath these appliances frequently to check for pools of water. Since an old rubber hose is often the weakest link, consider upgrading to a braided steel version to prevent leaks.
  7. Broken water line: If you suddenly notice poor water quality or a drop in pressure, you could have a broken underground water line. Address this issue before it affects your landscape and foundation.
  8. Sewer system backup: This is among the most destructive plumbing emergencies because it introduces harmful “black water” into your home. Keep an eye out for gurgling toilets, sewage smells and water pooling around floor drains.
  9. Rusted water heater: Check your water heater periodically for leaks. It’s easy enough to change out a dripping valve, but if the tank rusts through, you’ll need to replace it to prevent extensive water damage. You can preserve your water heater by flushing it annually and replacing the anode rod when it rusts through.
  10. No hot water: A plumber can narrow down the culprit of this plumbing emergency to a malfunctioning water heater, electrical issue, plumbing leak or problem on your utility company’s end.

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